Crawdaddy magazine archive


Tennalaga Class
Apr 25, 2011
Hudson Valley, NY
I just came across a complete archive of Crawdaddy:

Part of Wolfgang's Vault. Speaking of which, they must have some tapes of all the various SF/San Jose groups that played the ballrooms at the same time as the Great Society, Quicksilver, etc. I wish they'd put some of those up on their concert site.

I streamed the Jefferson Airplane in November '65 with Skip Spence and Signe Anderson doing It's No Secret, Tobacco Road and Running Around This World at the long-gone Calliope Warehouse. There's also a very early Mothers of Invention show. But there must be so much more right?!


Tennalaga Class
Apr 23, 2011
I keep waiting for them to fully open the vault. The only things I've found of interest to date are live Rising Sons shows from '65.
Apr 21, 2011
Several years back Crawdaddy, via their website, was offering a complete set of reprints of those early issues; kicking myself for never having gotten them. There's a book that serves as kind of a "best of" those early issues, with commentary from Paul Williams, that may still be found pretty cheaply via Amazon.

Would love to see more vintage shows come out of the vault myself; most interesting thing I've downloaded is Kaleidoscope from '68. Would also love to see them make some of the more obscure stuff they undoubtedly have available.