THE G200

101 - Cliques - So Hard / Ballad Of A Destitute Man (Custom P1020) S4/R4/L3
"Your face baby, leaves me cold". Judging by the style of the label, this Urbana, Illinois pressing was made at the same plant as The Few - "Escape". Probably as rare as the Few, say around 8-10 copies in the (collector's) loop, and we think that may be overestimating if anything. It's been confirmed by a bandmember that 100 copies were pressed. Mike Markesich reveals that the band sold a few then proceeded to spray-paint the rest with gold paint. These "gold records" were handed out free at live shows. A great track, immortalized on BFTG7. The flip is a primitive blues/folk ballad with a raw vocal, quite listenable.
102 - Things To Come - Sweetgina / Speak Of The Devil (Starfire 103) S5/R4/L5
huge legend, this has been a hot item for collectors since before we can remember. Unlike their later releases, which are both common and mundane, this is a monster 2-sider, with obvious "Gloria" references. We're placing this high because it's "wanted" rather than ultra-rare, we think 12-15 copies "in the loop" would be a fair guess. Drummer Russ Kunkel, not to be intimidated by having helped create a 60's garage classic, went on to record with Carly Simon, Stevie Nicks and Dolly Parton. Hear both sides on Chosen Few Vol. 1
103 - Creations - I Want You / Little Black Egg (Hull 1067) S5/R5/L2
A Bremerton, Ohio band who cut this moody monster in 1966 at the Mus-I-Col recording studio in Columbus. On the flip is a cover of "Little Black Egg". Extremely tuff record to find, we know of only 3 copies, one is in g+ condition. It's likely or possible that up to 10 copies may be out there in collections. Rumored to be included on a CD compilation focusing on the Mus-I-Col recording studio and its subsidiary labels, this track has been recently compiled on the Essential Pebbles Collection (Vol 1 Bonus Tracks).
104 - Marauders - Warning / Just Times Between Us (Heads TS-9519) S3/R5/L2
A fab primitive punk basher from Southwestern Illinois, the tune seems a trifle short in the lyric department, with the singer opting to sit out the entire chorus repeatedly. When he does sing, things seem a little confused - "Without your love I can't exist, but I'll be around even when you're missed". Hmmm, a worthy sentiment. In any case, it's as rare as can be, with 5 copies or less existing being our best estimate for this one. Hear it on Garage Punk Unknowns Vol. 8 LP. The flip is pretty good primitive melodic pop
105 - Jolly Beggars - Last Step Of Doom / Dont Walk Out On Me (Pamela Rose PR-1) S4/R5/L3
sharing the same chord progression as the Sonics take on Louie Louie, this is a hard driving punk track, building to a wild climax, finishing with a rousing chorus and deadly scream. Supposedly also known as "The Rogues Of Roxbury", this 45 was only ever released as the Jolly Beggars. The other name was made up by an old-time dealer/collector to throw fellow collectors off the scent. From upstate N.Y. Hear it on Pebbles Vol. 21 LP
106 - Frank Ventura & The Crescents - Pain / Terrys Tune (Amber AR-3942) S4/R4/L3
besides containing some of the wildest most uninhibited wailing and screaming on any record, this 45 is notable for some inspired lingo-twisting, which is most musical to the ear! "Alls-joo-gives-me-is-uh-pain-nah!" So cool! The Amber label out of CA is one of that state's most consistently rare labels. The other records are great too, but this is the king pin. Most Amber releases probably clock in at under 10 copies known. Several of the copies are known to be in mint condition, all from one source. First and only compilation appearance on the excellent "Hang It Out To Dry" compilation LP or CD. The flip is a cool funk instrumental.
107 - Purple Virus - The Law Of The Jungle / A World Of Dreams (D&C 2007-8) S3/R5/L1
here's a record so rare that not only is there just one copy in circulation (the other firmly locked away in the closet of original band leader Mike Dwyer), but nobody apart from the previous and current owners and their friends has heard it or even seen it. That's because the condition of sale was that it was to be locked away in secret until a planned CD featuring the track was released. That's was about four years ago and still no CD! This California D&C label is unrelated to the New York based D&C which released 45s by the Chancellors, Continentals and Oscar Five. 2.5-to-3 star disc, keeping it way down here on the G200. The flip has many elements of the topside, including touches of the same melody.
108 - Rooks - A Girl Like You / Empty Heart (Mercury 72644) S4/R5/L2
yep, your eyes are not deceiving you, this 45 was released on a major label, yet still hits in the G100. There are 3 copies known, it's only the reason for this that's unknown. Driving rhythm, bouncing bass and an insanely catchy fuzz-covered chorus deliver immortality. It's a hint to the rarity of a 45 when you hear cassette tape dropouts on a track, on an otherwise finely mastered CD (Pebbles CD10). Stingin' version of the Stones classic is on the flip
109 - Hotbeats - Listen / Injun (Rychard 61666) S4/R5/L1
ok, the song is really nothing more than a recycled Kinks riff (not a bad thing), but get a load of these lyrics..."you don't think like me, you don't think like me, you want to settle down, I want to run around. Come on listen you, you and me are girl's not enough, even if she's tough...don't try to tie me down...waaaaaughggh! you are in the past, our love didn't you know that I, like to see girls cry". The b-side "Injun" is a great primal instro thumper. No more than 3 copies have ever been found, though it seems hopeful another one or two may turn up. Both sides are uncompiled.
110 - Loose Ends - A World Outside / Mister Youre A Better Man Than I (DB 41667) S3/R5/L2
this doom-laden reverbed punker from York, PA is one of the rarest from that state. It's a heavier garage/psych track with clanging guitar and thrashing drums, and a biting lead break. We can't tell you much more. Ultra rare with only two confirmed copies, one of them obviously pretty hammered. Hear it on Crude PA vol 2 and a recent bootleg 45 with poor sound quality
111 - Stereo Shoestring - On The Road South / Tell Her No (English 1302) S3/R4/L4
English be the label, and English be the sound, more or less an adaptation of the Pretty Things' freakbeat classic "Defecting Grey". Mammoth fuzz, searing leads and general psychedelic mayhem distinguish this Texan/Anglo crossover from 1968. "Drowning in blackness, one by one, a thousand ideas perish..." well, whatever turns you on. We know of several mint copies, and estimate a population of around 12 in collections. Hear it on Texas Flashbacks Vol. 3, among many other comps. The flip is a decent but redundant version of the Zombies classic.
112 - Explorers - Blue Flavored Lollipop / Jennifer Ann (San Dees 4507) S3/R5/L3
We only know three copies of this and all are is G+ but plays VG minus, lots of small scratches.. made a comp appearance on 'Tougher Than Stains'. *** got a G+ copy from *** for peanuts in the late 80's, dunno if he still has it or not. (more info needed obviously)
113 - Ron-de-voos - The Maid / Pipeline (Cycle J01211651-2) S2/R5/L2
the closest thing to filler (2-star) we've encountered on a volume of the consistently incredible Back From The Grave compilation series, this track elevates above standard 12-bar rock only briefly for a spirited "All right let's give it to 'em right now" vocal snarl. But... the rarity of this disc could curl your toes. For many years we were unable to locate even the copy that was used for the Grave 7 comp - until now. It's right where you'd never think of looking for it (Tim's collection). And a second copy is now known to exist in California. Languishes down here on the G45 because, there are wylder tracks above. Hear it on BFTG 7
114 - Nite Walkers - High Class / Youve Got Me (Russell RRC 43107) S4/R5/L2
the second and easily the better of two 45's on Russell by this band presumed to be from Downey, California. The basis for the song is obviously Gloria, but the sound, arrangement, treatment and lyrics are individual and original. Great raw singing too, fitting the theme, which is similar to Danny & The Counts "You Need Love" ie "high class girl rejects regular guy, and she's gonna be sorry". Great theme. We know of 3 copies, one is near mint. One of the rarest California 45's, population hard to estimate, but certainly less than 8. Hear it on Teenage Shutdown TS-6606. The primitive folk ballad flip is a blatant re-write of the Beatles' "What You're Doin'". It's good, though.
115 - Chevrons V - I Lost You Today / Niat Pac Lavram (Nook 2010) S3/R5/L2
Details Not Found
116 - Burgundy Runn - Stop! / How Far Up Is Down (Lavette LA-5014) S5/R4/L5
think of it as tuff folk garage, or proto-powerpop, it's certainly a unique and inspiring track, comparable perhaps to the best of the Knickerbockers, with a strong commercial tilt, excellent harmonies and instrumental strength. Released on Lindy Blaskey's Lavette label, alongside other classics from New Mexico, the Chob and the Viscount V, it's probably the strongest 2-sider on the label. Always highly sought-after and a monster legend, Lavette records are scarce, but not unobtainable. Certainly more than a dozen copies exist, several mint copies have been noted. Hear "Stop!" on Teenage Shutdown TS-6609. The interesting, melodic flip remains uncompiled.
117 - Centrees - Shes Good For Me / Why (Wildwood 19045-19046 also 19045/18046) S4/R5/L4
don't be deceived by the relatively low G500 placement for this BFTG biggie - it's ultra rare, in both versions. It's just that with two different versions available, there's twice as many copies going around (does that make sense?). The regular release (heard on BFTG 5LP) is 19045/19046, and is a raw garage mover. The alternate version 19045/18046 is slower, and has more prominent harmonies, almost in an Everly Brothers-style, but still firmly a killer. Both a and b sides are different on the two versions. Labels are identical except for that one tiny serial number. The flip is a decent melodic pop ballad with equal parts mersey and folk influence.
118 - Us Too Group - Ill Leave You Crying / The Only Thing To Do (Jinx 17818) S4/R5/L1
the original version from 1966 is fast tempo, with organ and a killer clean surfy lead guitar break. These Fairfield, Ohio guys slowed the tune down and made a more psychedelic version on their own label in '67, which was picked up for national release on the Hi label. At least one mint copy of the original Jinx version is known, and it may be the only one. Intensely sought-after by Ohio collectors especially (mostly because they're the only guys who know it exists). Uncompiled
119 - Bryds - Your Lies / Why Did You Break My Heart (Raynard RS-10038) S5/R5/L4
the only Illinois outfit on the Wisconsin-based Raynard label, which released 45's by the Mustard Men, Deverons, Sultans Five and Vibratones among others. Few would argue that this is the best and rarest Raynard release. The vocals in particular are noteworthy as perhaps the most whiny and whingeing in all of 60's garage music. At times almost crying the lyrics, Frankie Laurie establishes a new standard in the important vocal sub-genre of the snivelling sneer. 500 copies are said to have been pressed, but remarkably few survive, even less in good condition. After further advice we now like the number 10 as a possible worldwide population. Hear it on BFTG LP6, and the flip on Shutdown 66
120 - Skeptics - Apple Candy / Ride Child (Kampus K-813 p/s) S4/R5/L3
hands-down prize for 60's group with the most utlrarare picture sleeve 45's goes to Oklahoma's Skeptics, with a total of 3 ULTRA rare picture sleeves, each known in a quantity of less than 10 copies. Much less. This one, "Apple Candy", is probably the second-rarest, with around 5 copies known. The hands-down rarest is their release on Thrush, with only one copy with picture sleeve having ever been found. However the existence of a fourth sleeve, "Bit O' Honey" (Scratch) is now in doubt. Although listed in many discographies, no-one has ever actually seen it. We doubt it exists. Hear "Apple Candy" on Monsters Of The Midwest Vol. 2 LP, and "Ride Child" on Psychedelic Unknowns Vol. 4
121 - Paradox - Theres A Flower Shop / With Someone To Love (Fuljac FR-6803) S4/R5/L3
"chymin'" guitars fully describes this melodic teen nugget (should'a been on Nuggets, but they probably didn't know it exists). Full of melody, it's one of the 4 rarest folk-punkers unknown to man, the others being The Kandells on Bear, the Paragons on Bobbi, and It's US on Arab. Plus all those others we forgot to mention. We know of only 5 copies, but we know nuthin'. Hear it on Teenage Shutdown TS-6605. Yet Another folk ballad flip gaaahhh!!!
122 - War Lords - Real Fine Lady / Ive Got It Bad (Thor 810T-0759) S4/R4/L4
not the Warlords, but the War Lords, as you can see. This 45 is one of the many reasons why the state of Illinois ranks so high with 60's garage fans and collectors as a source for some of the best releases of the decade. "Real Fine Lady" is well-known via its appearance on BFTG LP5, but the equally (yeah, equally) killer flip has yet to be compiled. We feel sure this omission will soon be addressed. Probably in the 10 copies or less category, population-wise, it's very tuff to get hold of this disc. Another release on Thor, The Fourgathering "You're Mean To Me" is a killer, but plays second fiddle to this monster 2-sider.
123 - Mondels - I Got A Feeling / Youll Never Come Back To Stay (Gaye 3032) S4/R4/L2
a 2-sided scorcher on the Gaye label of Atlanta Georgia, which boasted a roster including Red Beard & The Pirates, Penetrations and Little Phil & The Nightshadows. Both sides are fuzz blastin' movers which have a superior edge, great melody and originality. This release seems to be rarer than the other Gaye 45's, all scarce but not extinct. Both monster sides can be heard on Teenage Shutdown TS-6613
124 - Starfires - I Never Loved Her / Linda (GI-4001) S5/R3/L5
a spine-chilling screamer with amazing hooks, it's easy to fall in love with this 45 at first listen. Like several others on this list, it's been bootlegged, but there's no problem recognising the original. For a start, the original has a luxurious gold label with red writing, whereas the bootleg is plain white with red writing. As for the originals, up to 25 may exist
125 - Delirium - Never Comin Home / I Need Your Lovin (Vibra L-136-2) S3/R5/L1
a quick internet search yields one only mention of this ultrarare disc (good ol' Borderline Books). Comp'ed on Diggin' For Gold Vol. 7, the one copy we know of was also used to make that comp, and thereby the source for Borderline's info. Conclusion regarding copies in existence? You draw yours, we'll draw ours. The flip is a ragged, primitive 2.5 star thrasher, with handclaps and sax thrusts buried in the rhythmic chaos.
126 - Electras - Action Woman / Pregnant Pig (Scotty 6720) S4/R5/L4
of the "several" records released by this band on the Scotty and Date labels, this one is the mega-rarity. Most of the others are quite easy to pick up on eBay or in the odd private auction. This one is never offered, and it's also a killer track, so be prepared for a nasty shock price-wise if ever you compete for this one. We estimate 10 copies may exist in collections, several known to be badly mauled. Hear it on the Scotty Story CD, or Get Hip's 45rm vinyl re-issue
127 - Stoics - Hate / Enough Of What I Need (Brams BM-101) S5/R4/L5
Although only 150 copies were pressed, this is one of the least rare records on the G100. A "small quantity found" situation. Which is just as well, otherwise this beast would be sitting right up around the top of the list. Not to say that it sounds great, quite the opposite, all copies sound like they're playing with permanent dirt on the needle, it's just the way they are. But the song quality is so high, and the performances so incredible, that it's a very rare event indeed that a copy is sold. In fact, they are never sold. So if you have to have one, get out the golden crowbar... Take heart, between 20 and 25 copies exist (quantity now confirmed), and most of them are mint. These copies all came from the same source, an ex-bandmember. Hear it on Acid Visions CD1
128 - Georgy & The Velvet Illusions - Mini Shimmy / Hippy Town (Metro-Video 311) S3/R5/L1
now this is what real discotheque music should sound like. After a slow start, the drums start a-poundin' and the fuzztone a-fuzzin', and pretty soon the whole room's a-shakin' while Mini shimmy-shakes those hips. A tortured scream rounds out a breathtaking and almost completely unknown recording. We now know of 3 copies of this 45. Topside is compiled on the recently released "Total Raunch" CD.
129 - Kempy & The Guardians - Love For A Price / Never (Romunda P 1-2) S5/R4/L4
hear it once, and you won't soon forget the experience. Besides a scorching fuzz riff that's catchy as hell, this classic from Dallas, Texas sports a blistering solo that can't fail to thrill and impress. It's very rare and in-demand, but we know of at least a dozen copies, several of them near mint. It's important to remember that this second version of "Love For A Price" is the only one with the solo pyrotechnics, so beware confusing this with their first, crude punk version, on Lucky Sounds. Not that you'd be too disappointed with that version. Hear the Romunda cut on Texas Flashbacks Vol. 6 LP. MOR ballad flip is a MUST for BTTG.
130 - Continentals - Im Gone / Blue Moments (Gaylo BM-124) S5/R4/L3
"Ridin' around in my car all night, have no pretty baby by my side..." three chords, cars and girl trouble - all that's needed for the makings of a monster Texas punker. Throw in guitar and tambourine(!) solos, and reverberated two-note harmonies, and you're floatin' in 60's garage heaven for 2 mins 45 seconds. Tragedy struck recently when a copy bought on eBay was delivered broken clean in two by the postal service. Besides those two halves, we know of 9 intact copies, and suspect a population of around 15 may exist. Hear it on Teenage Shutdown TS-6604. The sultry ballad flip with its spoken word feature, harks back to an earlier era.
131 - Barons - Now Youre Mine / Time And Time Again (SRO 122427) S5/R4/L2
From Washington, D.C., these elusive Barons would be almost completely unknown had a small handful of copies of the 45 not been unearthed in the 90's. We're unsure how many were found, but it was barely enough to go round the heavy hitting collectors, who had to pay good for a copy. We're sure it was less than 10 copies, perhaps the truth can be discovered. Hear the stunning Kinks influenced monster a-side on Lost Generation 1 or Mayhem & Psychosis CD1. The flip is moody with folk elements, and is also great, begging to be compiled on a future Teen Jangler set.
132 - Gonn - Blackout Of Gretely / Pain In My Heart (Emir SS-9217-01) S4/R3/L5
rockets up the list on the strength of legend. Neophytes have long been impressed with the oft-mentioned rarity of this handsome and awesome nugget from Iowa. However, it's not one of the world's rarest pieces, not by a long shot. Just watch eBay and you will see, from time to time, copies will appear. Perhaps gouged and warped, but they're out there. We don't need to tell you how great this is, but we can confidently say, 20-30 copies may exist in collections worldwide. The unreleased "Doin' Me In" by the same band is one of the supreme pinnacles of 60s garage mayhem. Hear the 45 on Pebbles Vol 1 CD, or both tracks on Gonn's own Frenzology CD retrospective.
133 - Fe-fi-four Plus 2 - I Wanna Come Back From The World Of LSD / Double Crossin Girl (Lance 101) S4/R4/L5
with such a crazed sound and wigged-out band name, you may expect a real psychudelic label design for this 45. But no, Lance 101 looks very conservative, plain and simple, no fancy flourishes. It's still a beautiful record to hold in your hands...and to behold with your ears. We could guess at a worldwide pop. of around 15, but this was recently reduced by one copy (leaving 14 obviously), when one copy sent in the post to Sweden was attacked with a pick-axe by an angry postman, rendering it asunder. Many wept, some smirked. Some copies have reversed labels. Hear it on Pebbles 5 CD
134 - Cavaliers - Seven Days Of Cryin / Checkmate (Crisis BB-101) S5/R4/L3
long live the glockenspiel, instrument of chaotic garage anarchy. Combined with clean, stinging leads, bold rhythms and suitably restrained vocals with harmonies, a unique and original sound is delivered, one which could easily have shot to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 charts if they had not been fully occupied at the time by "Winchester Cathedral", "Strangers In The Night" and "The Sounds Of Silence". Merely super-rare, rather than ultra-rare. Which means somewhere between 12 and 20 copies in collections at a rough guess. Hear it on BFTG LP7, and the cool flip on Teen Blast USA Vol. 2
135 - Nomads - Thoughts Of A Madman / From Zero Down (Tornado T-159) S5/R3/L5
unleash the "Waaagh!", that ultimate expression of garagemanic delight reserved for the chosen few balltearing masterpieces of the genre. In a ragged mix where every potent element is supremely distorted yet strangely clear and focused, the demented vocal performance steals the show. Possibly one of the least rare records in the g200, it's nonetheless extremely difficult to obtain because it's widely recognised as one of the best garage 45's ever waxed, and rarely traded. Tim Warren adds : "The band gave me a XEROX of the PICTURE SLEEVE. (it's on the back sleeve of the Nomads lp i put out). Has anyone ever turned up the actual sleeve?" Hear "Thoughts" on Vile Vinyl CD, and the flip on Teenage Shutdown TS-6610
136 - Tasmanians - Baby / Love, Love Love (Conda 101) S5/R4/L4
until around 2001, this monster waxing was known (to us) only in grades of vg- or less, at least outside the band's homestate of Florida. A nice copy popped up and was used for Teenage Shutdown TS-6614. Since then, several mint copies have been methodically injected into a market eager to snap them up. A small quantity find, no doubt, and causing this platter to drop right out of the G100 where it would have been sitting pretty a mere 24 months ago. Most spectacular drop-out however, goes to Just Us (Dave Starkey Five) on Shazam, which plummeted from maybe G20 to G1000+ when a stack of at least 50 copies was discovered a couple of years ago, and were handed out at record fairs like candy. The flip has a Pebbles feel, if y'know what I mean.
137 - Atilla & The Huns - Mojo Cools / My Names Big Daddy (Beaux Art Sound 4005) S3/R5/L2
with a known worldwide population of 4 copies, this could be residing nearer the top of the G100. However, desipite boss gravelly vocals and a first rate rockin' band, the unmistakable similarity to a certain well-known Sonics track results in a downgrading for lack of originality. We guess this may have been a local Pacific Northwest jock milking The Witch craze, and the track may be a DJ novelty number in the style of the Higher Elevation. Beaux Art Sound however does have a North California connection.. "Mojo Cools" appears on The Big Itch Vol. 6
138 - Tropics - You Better Move / Its You I Miss (Laurie 3330) S5/R5/L2
after The Rooks, perhaps the rarest major label garage 45 release with only 5 known, and a total maximum of 6 or 7 copies suspected. It's also the wyldest Tropics release, obviously (we guess) considered "too wyld for release" into the civilized world, by the whigs at Laurie. Hear it on Teenage Shutdown TS-6614. The flipside is a folk ballad, nothin' special.
139 - Grains Of Sand - Goin Away, Baby / Golden Apples Of The Sun (Genesis G-101) S4/R4/L5
Produced in LA by Michael Lloyd (West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band etc.) with involvement by Kim Fowley, the full, and never quoted title of this 45 is "Goin' Away, Baby (Original Version)". We've never heard of any other "version", but no matter, coz the original version sounds just fine, including a frantic, cheezy organ solo and several manic sustained screams. Very in-demand, very hard-to-find, it's nonetheless been offered and traded several times in the past decade, pointing to a slightly larger population than most in the G200. We like the sound of 15 copies worldwide, but that doesn't include your copy. Hear it on Pebbles Vol. 1 CD. Psychedelic freakout flipside veers dangerously close to a novelty rating.
140 - Sound Barrier - My Babys Gone / Hey, Hey (Zounds GQP 1004) S5/R4/L5
So many great things about this record. For a start it's incredible garage on both sides, great songs, singing, sounds and playing. Great harmonies too. The cymbals punctuate the chorus with teeth-clenching intensity. What kind of a fuzz-box is that? It's the best! Even the tambourine on the flip sounds bigger than life. No wonder this record is so hard to find, since it's ultra-rare as well as ultra-great. There's a copy or two floating around from time to time, it's gotta be one of those 12-to-20 category monsters. We know of one mint copy at least. And several beaters...Hear the a-side on Pebbles CD5, the flip on Teenage Shutdown TS-6610
141 - Brother L. Congregation - Bringing Me Down / Shes Gonna Lose That Boy (Kumquat #1) S3/R5/L2
Was there ever a Kumquat No.2? Just searched the internet and discovered there indeed was a No.2 and a No.3 (thanks Don Julio). No matter, Kumquat No. 1 captured the Texan Congregation at the peak of their powers, desperately wrenching vocals and meandering psychotic fuzztone set to a mesmerizing 4/4, pausing for an extended free-form middle 8, then back into fuzz mayhem. Don Julio claims to have a copy, must be one of the very, very few! Also one of the very few turn-of-the decade 45's on this list. The flip is a mersey-influenced pop ballad with sweet harmonies
142 - Rouges - Next Guy / Faces On The Wall (Waverley 108-03) S5/R4/L3
"The next guy is worse than the one before"...a record collector's lament? No, a killer moody folk jangler from Massachusetts with real BITE, that could justifiably be said to epitomize the New England garage sound of the 60's. We do not consider the b-side "Faces On The Wall" to be the side most worthy of comment here. Not when you're staring at a 4.5 star killer on the a-side. Not hopelssly unobtainable, nevertheless extremely rare and sought-after. Hear both sides on the New England Teen Scene CD. Primnitive ballad flip has touches of folk and blues.
143 - Mystic Five - It Doesnt Matter / Walkn The Nose (Mystic MR 1) S4/R5/L2
Not the same band who released the absolutely un-routine and creative monster "Are You For Real Girl" on the cute Go-Go label (BFTG 7), this Mystic Five from Rhode Island channeled via a more subtle but equally mind-expanding medium, gentle melodic folk garage. Always mentioned as one of the top ten New England mega-rarities, the worldwide population is probably countable on the fingers of both hands. Hear it on the New England Teen Scene CD. Flip is a conventional surfin' instro, with plenty of energy.
144 - Paul Bearer & The Hearsemen - Ive Been Thinking / Route 66 (Riverton 105) S5/R4/L3
this could be higher on the G200, or even in the G100, except we become a little suspicious of the supposed rarity of a disc when we have owned two copies at the same time. This was a bit of a freak occurrence but is true. Someone who should know estimates 6 copies or less, perhaps a safer bet would be 10 or less. You've seen the insane band photo on Teenage Shutdown 10 (The World Ain't Round, It's Square), and heard the crazed, typically frantic sound of this Pacific Northwest combo. Now go out and buy the original! (joke). The flip is a great rockin' version of the Troop/Morris classic Chuck Berry tune.
145 - Niteriders - With Friends Like You, Who Needs Friends / Just Call On Me (Star-Bright 3055) S4/R5/L3
Portland, Oregon was home to the Niteriders who released two great 45s on the Star-Bright label in the mid-60's. Later picked up for release on the Modern label when the group name was changed to the Composers. Unlike that release, the original 45 is ultra-rare, even by Star-Bright standards. Without a doubt, in the less-than-a-dozen copies category. Hear it on BFTG8, or on the excellent Scarey Business (Big Beat) CD. The flip sounds like a garage punk take on Herman's Hermits, but it has a cool biting guitar break.
146 - Shades Of Night - Fluctuation / Such A Long Time (Alamo Audio 111) S5/R4/L5
this is a unique record, really something. Plenty of info about the band is available on the essential Norton reissue, and we won't repeat it here. The band in the cover shot does not look anything like you'd think they should look, after hearing this. The original record label looks more in tune with what to expect - dark, brooding, stylish simplicity. It also looks rare, and it is - once again we say 12-to-20 in collections. Flipside ballad, though dreary, has its moments.
147 - Beep Beep & The Roadrunners - True Love Knows / Shifting Gears (Vincent 222) S4/R4/L3
simple, crude and basic is a great recipe for a garage 45. These Massachusetts teens cooked up a tasty stew with this, their first 45 released in 1966. Ingredients, two chords, with a third thrown in at the chorus for spice. There's a few copies kicking around, and by this we mean they're pretty scuffed. Only one is known to be in mint condition, another in vg++. A particularly stressed copy was used for the compilation appearance on BFTG 7 LP. Tim sez : "Argh - I've got 2 cracked copies and one vg..." . The flip is a 12 bar guitar instro rocker, beloved of collectors of that genre.
148 - Primates - Dont Press Your Luck / Cathy (Marko 924) S3/R5/L2
two 45's by the same band on the same label, looking similar and both containing killer teen beat/pop tunes. Those are the similarities. Now for the difference : the first 45 "Knock On My Door" b/w "She" (the better record overall) is relatively abundant, but "Don't Press Your Luck" seems to have been pressed in a minuscule amount, resulting in ultra-rarity, and only 4 copies known. For those who must know, the grades of the 4 are m-, vg+, vg, and m- cracked in 2 places. From New York, at the dawn of 1966. Hear it on Garage Punk Unknowns LP1 . The flipside harks back to an earlier Everly Brothers sound.
149 - Thursdays Children - Youll Never Be My Girl / Try Girl (Paradise 1022) S4/R4/L4
a brilliant, pacy pop-infused 2-sider. The a-side is tops, but the flip ain't no slouch either. We've seen 3 mint copies sold in the last 5 years, and that suggests a 12-to-20 worldwide population, since most serious (for want of a better word) collectors we know seem to have a copy. This message just in (with thanks to Andrew Brown) : "Hey Mark, the rarest Thursday's Children is You'll Never Be My Girl on the Kidd label, original pressing/same masters as Paradise, apparently unknown until I dug up a copy around '96...even the band members had forgotten about it!" Interesting...what to do? Does this Kidd 45, one known copy, but the same 2 tracks released on Paradise, deserve to be proclaimed one of the rarest US garage 45s? What do you think? Hear the a-side on Pebbles Vol 5, and the flip on Acid Visions 1 (3 CD set)
150 - Caretakers Of Deception - Cuttin Grass / X+Y=13 (Sanctus SS-11) S4/R4/L5
"...If you think I'm really bad, take a look into my melted plastic brain, and run your fingers down my nerves, until you meet my soul..." sung softly, with menace, over pulsating drums and an eerie farfisa. This is raw psych dementia without equal, and a monster-size legend to boot. The band was based in Los Angeles and probably created this masterpiece in 1967. We instinctively place it in the 12-to-20 copies category, knowing that it's abominably rare and gruesomely expensive, but does show up for trade very occasionally. Hear it on The Psychedelic Disaster Whirl LP. The flip is strong 12-string folk/garage with touches of pop and moody organ.
151 - Paragons - Abba / Better Man Than I (Bobbi 7-7352) S4/R4/L4
for unknown reasons, certain 45's if they're ever found at all, usually show up in pulverized condition. This is one of those, and another is "Jennie Lee" by The Tree Stumps. Still currently recording with his band the Spongetones, Pat Walters played guitar on this fine teen-pop / folk jangler crossover. We think there may be roughly 6 or 7 trashed copies and 2 or 3 nice ones, outside of band members and families. Hear it on Teenage Shutdown TS-6605. The flip is a cool moody version of the classic Mike Hugg composition, with clean jangle a-plenty
152 - Kenny & The Kasuals - Dont Let Your Baby Go / The Best Thing Around (Mark 1002) S3/R5/L3
Much has been written about this seminal Texas band, so much so that we'll skip the history lesson and get right to the meat of the matter : most of the 7 Mark label releases by this band are great. Most of them are scarce but not rare. This one is mega-rare, for no apparent reason. We are confident that Mark 1002 could fit neatly into the "less than 5 known copies" category, which is remarkable for this group. We actually don't know of another mint copy apart from the one in the scan above, but that don't mean there ain't any out there. Hear it on the Eva compilation "Nothing Better To Do". The boss flip has a touch of James Brown in the twistin', jerkin' beat.
153 - Grapes Of Wrath - Cause It Was Her / For Every Year (Vita V-006) S4/R4/L3
what a snarly vocal! The whole band in fact sounds demented as they take what could have been a conventional beat/pop ditty and maul it with savage energy. One of three ultra-rare releases on the Vita label of California, it's less rare than the Scorpio Tube and 50th Anniversary Zoo by a mere handful of copies. We rate it as probably in the less-than-a-dozen category, since it's been offered for sale twice in the last 5 years. Hear it on the Garage Punk Unknowns CD. Flipside sounds like a shot at re-inventing the National Anthem. BTTG contender.
154 - Chob - Were Pretty Quick / Aint Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore (Lavette LA-5016) S5/R4/L5
the most important thing to know about this 45 is how to spot the phoney. It has "5016" and a squiggle in the deadwax area, on the a-side. The real thing has "LAVETTE LA 5016" and "SJW - 9190". As well as the neat extra numbers, you get double the volume and clarity when you shell out your megabucks for an original copy. Otherwise, the ring-in is almost indistinguishable from the real thing. The appearance of a flood of bootleg copies did little to affect the value of the original (and therefore the position on the G45). More damaging (or thrilling if you got one of them) was the discovery of a small cache of mint copies 2 years ago which we think may have come from Lindy Blaskey's personal stock. Hear it on Teenage Shutdown TS-6604, plus a host of other compilations (M&P1, CF1, SA4, etc.) The flip is a killer version of the Young Rascals classic.
155 - Infinitives - Heidi / Thousand Tears (Ka-Hill 135K-6060) S4/R5/L1
a touch of Louie Louie, a touch of Merseybeat, and a whole bunch of garage crunch permeate both sides of this insanely rare Illinois disc. There are 4 copies in the collectors' loop (ie "known"), 2 near m- with some black texta wol on the b-side, and 2 beaters. We're wondering if anyone else is gonna own up to stashing a copy? Languishing down here on the G500 because it's completely devoid of legend, having never been comped, plus it's appeal will be limited to afficionados of crude and dirty, one-take prime garage grynde. Like us.
156 - Royal Flairs - Suicide / One Pink Box (Marina 103) S4/R4/L4
one of two killers on the Marina label (the other being the Dirty Wurds "Why"), this one is by far the rarer of the two. It's a clean sound, but tons of energy and a wild reverberant guitar break. And a catchy pulsing riff which does not let up. Marina had distribution of sorts, and the 45 was supplied to local radio stations, making it slightly more likely to show up than some in the G200. Still, we have seen only 2 or 3 copies sold in 7 years. 12-to-20 in our estimation, with several mint copies known. Hear it on BFTG LP3. Billy Miller says the record is equally sought after for the instrumental flip "One Pink Box" (One Pine Box, label mis-print). Those clazy instrumental correctors!
157 - Tamrons - Wild Man / Stop, Look, Listen (Pyramid 7-7381) S4/R4/L5
"there is a man who lives next door, he has a girl that I adore, I asked him for his daughter's hand, he said no sir mister, you're a wild-man!". Together with verse-stuffers such as "oom-blup-blup-blup oom-blup-blup-blah-blah mow-mow-mow" this makes for a lyrical legend of prehistoric proportions. As well as the great words, we have thundering toms, pulsing bass and hypnotic Twilight Zone guitar lines. One of at least 9 great releases on Pyramid (Londons, Huns & King Bees being noteworthy examples), the band and label were based in North Carolina. Hear "Wild Man" on BFTG4 LP, but the cool flip remains uncompiled
158 - Electric Prunes - Shadows / Blank Flip (Reprise PRO 287) S3/R5/L3
this 45 is a one-sided promo originally pressed to promote the Fanfare film "The Name Of The Game Is Kill", but it seems unlikely that it was ever used for that purpose, since all of the 4 known copies of this 45 originated from a raid on the Warner Brothers vault around a decade back. It's firmly a garage track, with some psych trappings but it's concise and full of savage energy, melody and fuzz attack. We very much approve. Hear it on the Lost Dreams CD/LP Prunes compilation
159 - Cave Dwellers - Run Around / You Know Why (Jim-Ko 41085) S5/R4/L3
this 45, like many others from the series, sounds like it was custom-made with Back From The Grave in mind. Basic instrumentation of organ, drums, bass and guitar, manic vocals with a couple of crazed screams (in the right places) and our favourite lyrical theme -getting even with cheatin' girls. It's almost perfect in every way. We've now had a little extra help regarding the rarity of this, and we adjust our estimate downwards to 7-10 known/suspected copies. From Chicago, Hear it on BFTG8. The flip is an unfortunate commercial pop outing with an overblown production including prominent horns and painful fuzz guitar in equal measure.
160 - Visions - Shes The Girl For Me / Take Her (Vimco VIM-20) S4/R5/L2
their 3 essential releases on Vimco are all you need to know about this Texas band who later released 3 or 4 more 45's which are best avoided. This is their first release, and dare we say their best. Leaving aside the somewhat muffled mix, this track is pure garage pop energy all the way. All the Vimco 45s are nearly impossible to obtain, and we place them all in the category of 10-or-less known copies. "She's The Girl For Me" seems to have been dealt a double blow by fate, first being dumped as the b-side of Vimco 20 in favor of "Route 66", then being overlooked by every Texas compiler since. The flip is a decent pop ballad with Invasion influences.
161 - Cicadelics - Were Gonna Love This Way / What Can I Do? (Psychidelic Sound 1001) S4/R4/L4
how many ways can the spelling of a word be twisted? let us count the ways...cicadelic, psychadelic, psychidelic, psychodelic ...any more? For our money the Cicadelics dealt the deadliest damage to the newly coined word, trashing it twice on the one record. And yet, the record in question isn't really psychidelic at all. It's beautiful floating pop, infused with a gentle touch of fuzz mixed tantalizingly low. We've seen it offered 3 times in 7 years, and it's missing from the odd mega-collection. We like the sound of "one dozen" to guess-timate an unknown quantity. Hear it on Flashback Vol. 1 LP. The flipside ballad is a sweet folk jangler with nice guitar and organ.
162 - Ralph Nielsen & The Chancellors - Scream / Little Demon (Surf S301/2) S4/R5/L3
If it's true (and we doubt not) that this was released in 1962, then it's the grand-daddy of garage and ahead of its time by at least two years. There again, one could choose to think of it as a rockabilly 45, in which case it missed the boat by around 5 years. In any case, it's wyld and great, and extremely rare. Perhaps regarded as desirable by more than one collecting genre, copies are thin on the ground in the garage loop, where we estimate less than 10 reside. Hear it on BFTG LP2
163 - Jack And The Beanstalks - So Many Times / Dont Bug Me (LeRon 3601) S4/R4/L3
in a category which we think of as sophisticated, pop-oriented garage, this is an unusual sounding record and one which is hard to pidgeon-hole stylistically. Some elements of folk, a moody spoken middle-8, Beatlesque handclaps and harmonica, yet it somehow retains a raw edge. We've seen a few copies change hands over the years, always expensive, and therefore assume 12-to-20 copies in the loop . The flip is a superior original R&B raver with snappy drumming and wailing harmonica
164 - Skeptics - For My Own / I Told Her Goodbye (Thrush 1002 p/s) S3/R5/L2
even though this is easily the rarest of the 4 ultra-rare Skeptics picture sleeves, and is one of their best records, the record itself is not particularly rare. It's the sleeve that's responsible for the record hitting the G200 list. Because before 2002, when one copy only appeared for sale, its existence was completely unknown. This fact can be seen in any discography of the Skeptics you may care to look at. Both sides of the record are great folktinged melodic garage, the a-side is the standout. Hear "For My Own" on Shutdown 66, and the flip on Tymes Gone By LP
165 - Pseudos - Its A Long Way To Nowhere / Back Door Man Bites The Dust (Fink S1-122) S4/R5/L3
from Michigan 1966 an angry teen lament about rejection by the adult establishment. The lyrics and rap-style delivery are supercool and work with the bluesy thrust of the band to create a monster garage mover. We've seen just 2 copies, both pretty hacked, but we know there must be more, especially in hometown Detroit. Almost never seen for sale, we have to assume a less-than-10 count for this worldwide. Hear it on BFTG8. The flip's a pretty good blues/garage mover with a Stones'y feel
166 - P.b. & The Staunchmen - Mean Willy / Lost Generation (Lee 100) S4/R4/L2
from the same Lee records outta Hornell, N.Y. who released the Ascendors killer, comes this short but sweet rant concerning one Mean Willy, who goes around pickin' up girls and tellin' 'em lies. Lotsa dynamics lift this track, especially the frantic break, and the subdued verse which follows and builds to the screaming finale. We suppose this 45 is as rare or even rarer than the Ascendors 45, which assumes a less-than-10 count for copies in the loop. The flip is a protest-style folk ballad. Hear it on Garage Punk Unknowns Vol. 8
167 - Kandells Kan Dells - I Want You To Know / Do You Know (Bear 1971) S5/R5/L2
only 4 copies of this promo 45 from Minneapolis are confirmed. It's beautiful shimmering garage/folk-rock. More could easily be tucked away in the hands of Minnesota collectors. One G45 contributor also has a yellow stock label copy! This adds a twist - how could a 45 be released both as a promo, and a stock copy, and yet be virtually non-existant in either format? Hear it on the 45 reissue (Magnitude MA-1001) . The flip is a dreamy folk jangler with nice melody and vocal harmonies.
168 - Twelfth Night - Grim Reaper / I Dont Believe You (Whiteholme WH-1984) S4/R4/L3
From Orlando, Florida (like it says on the label), overall the sound has a Stones-y feel, crisp drumming, fuzz guitar throughout with a frantic solo at breakneck speed, following 3 crazed yelps. We know of 5 copies, and as usual we assume this may be approximately half the worldwide total. Hear it on The Chosen Few CD. The flip is also excellent, combining chymin' guitar and organ with snappy drumming and a loud clean guitar break.
169 - Heard - Youre Gonna Miss Me / Exit 9 (One Way 0001) S4/R4/L5
champion of the unusual vocal inflexion, (you're gonna miss me chy-yuldd!) Andy Clendenen and brother Randy were the mainstays of this band from Texas, who released just one 45, but made sure it was a killer 2-sider whose appeal would endure for the next 35 years and beyond. Aside from having the guts and good taste to cover the Elevators in 1967, they tossed up a b-side that in no way suffers by comparison. Regarded as ultra-rare Texas garage, we downsize the rarity legend to a super-rare rating, since we know most every serious collector, especially Texas-based, has a copy. The feeling is 12-20 copies. Hear both sides on Flashback 4 LP
170 - Id - I Just Dont Understand You Baby / Morning Dew (Cinema CRC108) S3/R5/L2
this is the same band as the Euphoria's Id, who later released the killer 2-sider "Deception's Ice" / "Hey Joe" on Eadit. This initial outing is in a more folky vein, but with excellent gravelly vocals with a blues bent. Caution, this 45 is not manic BFTG style garage grind. However, it has its own sound and is a grower for sure. The b-side jangler "Morning Dew" can take a hike. Beyond ultra-rare, with only 3 copies having ever shown up. Hear it on the New England Teen Scene CD
171 - Moxies - Get A Move On / Please Dont Go (Monza 1126) S4/R5/L3
the killer third 45 released by this band on the Monza label after two others (one of them on Monza) which only hinted at the band's potential, fully realized with their fourth Release "I'm Gonna Stay" on Century. "Get A Move On" is a powerful beat/garage mover, with anthemic melodic qualities. It's also ultra-rare and we estimate no more than 6 copies exist in collections, as we know of only 3 (vg+,vg+ and vg). Hear it on Teenage Shutdown TS-6605
172 - Why Four - Hard Life / Not Fade Away (Rampro R118) S4/R5/L2
before cutting this killer 45 for Wisconsin's Rampro label, guitarist Gerry Cain had been a member of the Benders who released "Can't Tame Me" in 1966, one of the greatest fuzzpunk 45's ever. Only sightly more restrained, this one features more of Cain's wicked fuzz lashings, and a middle 8 which really lifts off. The uncompiled b-side is a decent Stonesy take on Buddy Holly's "Not Fade Away". We estimate no more than 10 copies of this 45 exist in collections today. Known among hardcore collectors since the 80's, this was not compiled until recently. Hear "Hard Life" on The Essential Pebbles Collection Vol. 2 CD. The flip is an excellent punk version of the Buddy Holly classic.
173 - Blue Chips - Where / Keep Looking For Love (Roaring 804) S4/R5/L2
a great high-energy pounder with catchy riff, gravelly vocals and boomin' bass, yelps and screams rounding out the appeal of an awesome disc from Brooklyn, NY. Only 2 copies were known at the time of publication of this list. However, we now know of 3 other copies making a total of 5. Hear it on Sixties Rebellion CD 7 or Psychedelic States NY Vol. 1. The uncompiled flip has a few unwelcome horn intrusions, but still burns for our money!
174 - Ty Wagner With The Scotchmen - Im A No-Count / Walking Down Lonely Street (Chattahoochie 699) S3/R5/L5
one of two great and well-known loser anthems by Los Angeles based Ty Wagner. This one is tops lyrically, just a little pedestrian in the chord sequence department, but a killer nonetheless with a biting lead break. The Chattahoochee label released a slew of garage-related 45s in the mid-sixties, and the rarity and quality of these varies from one extreme to the other. Here is one extreme - ultra rare and great. We estimate no more than 8 copies exist in collections. Hear it on Teenage Shutdown TS-6604. The flip is a bo-diddley style mover with a neat break and is credited to "Ty Wagner with The One's"
175 - Peter Wheat & The Breadmen - Baby Whats New / All The Time (Amber AR-6657) S4/R5/L3
Like Texans The Excels and Floyd Dakil, California combo Peter Wheat & The Breadmen drew from folk and bluegrass as well as rockabilly sounds to answer the British beat/pop challenge. The Breadmen didn't stay with the traditional 12-bar formula, instead devising a mutant strain with chord structures that hold up as fresh and original today as they must have sounded when released in 1966. Like all Amber releases, ultra-rare and less than 10 copies known. Together with Frank Ventura & The Crescents, this is also the most sought-after Amber release. Hear it on Pebbles 10 LP. The simplistic janglin' flip features harmony vocals and an organ break.
176 - Great Society - Im The One For You / And I Know (USA 856) S4/R5/L2
by far, the rarest USA label 45 and only 2 known copies...a major collector of the USA label thought #856 was an unissued number, til a copy surfaced a few years ago. Killer fuzz garage. Lack of legend status is the only thing holding this one back from a higher G45 rating. Hear it on Teenage Shutdown TS-6613
177 - Choab - Why Am I Alone / Im Not Your Steppin Stone (QQ 7Q224) S4/R5/L3
the classic example of a track elevated by a killer lead break with scream. Until the break, it's a fine but standard garage mover, nothing too special. When the break hits, the energy level peaks, and stays high for the rest of the track. This is the second 45 by the band, who released an even better (but not as rare) 45 on the Lavette label as the Chob. The second 45 shows how the guys wanted their name to be pronounced. From Albuquerque, New Mexico. Hear it on Teenage Shutdown TS-6603. The flip is one of the best versions of the Boyce & Hart classic.
178 - Fumin Humins - Relative Distance / Queen (The Angry Music Co. FH-1-67) S3/R5/L3
we don't like heavy psych on this list, and here's one that veers dangerously close. But interesting tempo changes and dynamics together with low production values and a melodic bent, save this later 60's straggler from inclusion with the oncoming onslaught of drug-addled hippy dirges. Ultra-rare, oft cited as one of the rarest New England 45's. However we know of 4 copies, and estimate a minimum population of double that number. Hear it on An Overdose Of Heavy Psych CD. The earnest soft psych ballad flip fails to live up to the advertised standard of The Angry Music Co.
179 - Knaves - Your Stuff / Inside Outside (Dunwich 164) S3/R5/L2
this Chicago band's first 45 "Leave Me Alone" was released on both Glen and Dunwich, and is reasonably easy to find on either. However this, their 2nd 45 was thought to have been recorded but never released, until two copies were recently discovered. It's a fine inventive garage/pop 2-sider, and can be heard on the Oh Yeah! Dunwich CD
180 - Other Half - The Girl With The Long Black Hair / Third Of January (Orlyn 503) S4/R5/L3
demonstrating with their sound the clear link between the surf and garage genres, this Illinois band had no connection with other groups using the same name, notably Randy Holden's outfit from California. Having the foresight to secure their immortality by releasing their sole 45 on the now legendary Orlyn label, the band promptly disappeared, leaving no trace of their history or whereabouts other than the scant facts included with the Teenage Shutdown TS-6603 reissue. Like all Orlyns, pressed in minute quantities and consequently ultra-rare. We estimate less than 8 copies exist in collections today. This in from Tim Warren : The guy had around 6 copies on the wall of his recording studio (when i met him and the bass-player in 1985) - ALL spraypainted GOLD on BOTH SIDES!!!! Argh!!!! So I guess you can't really add THOSE to the copies in existence file.... The flip is a dreamy, but dreary Ventures style instro.
181 - Edges Of Wisdom - The Past / That Lonely Road (Redd Robb RR-2021) S4/R5/L2
this is a superior 2-sider with a lot to give, requiring repeated listens to absorb the genius. "The Past" is a bouncy number but also a serious work of art, try writing in this style if you disagree. The flip is a dark moody masterpiece, proving these guys could not only write great songs, but had the musical ability to pull off work of enduring quality. We know of 6 copies, 4 of them in the hands of Chicago collectors. It therefore seems reasonable to guess at a worldwide count of around 10 or a dozen copies. Hear both sides on Sixties Rebellion Vol. 1
182 - Rock Shop - Is That Your Halo / State Of Your Mind (Rowena RR-45-853) S3/R5/L2
whether this is the same Rock Shop who released an LP on Lee-Mo is unclear, but it seems more than likely that this band was from California, one way or the other. It's driven by a strong percussive rhythm, taking off in the break via a twin attack of searing fuzz and wailing harmonica. The flip is good also, though betraying the influence of the coming generation of music-destroying guitar heroes. One nice vg++ copy is known, the other 3 suffer from the usual curse of the styrene pressing, to varying degrees. Hear both sides on Tony The Tyger's Fuzz Flaykes and Shakes Vol 4 LP/CD.
183 - Sweet Cherry - Eight Day Blues / Funny Things Floating (Stop S-101) S4/R4/L3
from Michigan comes a two-sided monster with a dirty guitar sound that goes way beyond mere fuzz...Guitarist Ray Souci (info thanks to Vernon Joynson and Steve Geer) manages to cream most fuzz-pedal sounds even when he switches it off. And lyrically, from "Funny Things Floating"..."telephone booths don't grow no blueberries". This was earlier thought to be a mega-rarity in the class of The Keggs, but now several additional copies have popped up, leading us to estimate as many as 15 copies in collections worldwide. Hear both sides on Michigan Mayhem Vol. 1 CD
184 - Plague - Go Away / Money (Epidemic R-2164) S5/R4/L5
Lyrically complex ("Go away coz I hate you, Go away I won't date you") and musically sophisticated (check out the longest single-note-bending frenzy ever captured on wax), this killer has been favoured by connoisseurs of, well, trash since the late seventies when it first appeared on Pebbles Vol 5. The degenerate, uncompiled b-side "Money" is also a thriller, and a great party record with its sneering refrain, "gimmeh monneh" belted out over a primitive backbeat. Seven years ago there was a spare copy floatin' around, but none since then.
185 - Remaining Few - Wait A While / Boogie Blues (Projection 1788) S4/R4/L2
not the San Angelo, TX group of the same name who released the Askel 45, this Remaining Few were from Houston, Texas. Belonging to a select group of 13th Floor Elevator imitation electric jug advocates (others include Chaz & The Classics...), this is one of the best of the genre. Great organ playing throughout including an extended solo, clean lead and rhythm guitars, and wyld scream. It's a winner, and a mega-rarity which has yet to be compiled. We know of 3 copies, and would be surprised if more than 6 were in existence. The flip sounds much like the title, offering the organ player 2:25 to strut his stuff at our expense.
186 - One Of Hours - Feel The Pain / Psychedelic Illusion (Chetwyd CW45005) S4/R5/L2
this is the flip of a soft-psych side called "Psychedelic Illusion", released by this band from Kentucky in 1967, which has been compiled on Psychedelic Experience Vol. 3. We're amazed how anyone could hold this 45 in their hands, opting to comp that side while leaving the outstanding flip with its killer break unavailable to humankind. The comatose shall inherit the Earth. It's up to you to demand justice be done. Estimating around 5 copies may exist in collections. The flip is pretty janglin' pop, the only psych tinge being the title, really.
187 - Classics - Mean Woman / Pink Cats/I Dont Wanna Be Around/Bo Diddley (Ram 66037) S5/R5/L3
this track should theoretically not be listed here, since it's not a 45 but an EP. However rules were made to be broken, and the omission of this EP would be a crime, considering its greatness and rarity. The four songs cover a lot of ground stylistically from the cute pop-fantasy (not psych) of "Pink Cats" through sweet harmony pop ("I Don't Wanna Be Around"), and a restrained, double-speed rendition of the "Bo Diddley" classic. However, it's "Mean Woman" that we're here to talk about...a chunky, chugging riff-driven garage mover further propelled by clean stuttering electric lead lines, rumbling toms and call-and-answer vocals. A stunning release, rare as hen's teeth. "Mean Woman" is compiled on Quagmire Vol. 1 or Let's Dig 'Em Up CD or LP3
188 - Boy Blues - Coming Down To You / Living Child (Frantic 2131-2 p/s) S3/R5/L2
recently brought to our attention is the picture sleeve for this 45, which is rare enough without the sleeve. A repro of the sleeve can be viewed on the Psychedelic Disaster Whirl compilation, where the music can also be found. One of at least 4 killer rarities on the California based Frantic label (including Psycho, Styx and the ungodly rare Mystic), we think it's the only one which came with a picture sleeve. Monster fuzz guitar throughout. Hear it on the recent Yes, Yes, Yes CD. The flip is a cool and unconventional pop fuzz nugget, compiled on the Storm In The Garage box.
189 - Mikes Messengers - Gone And Left Me / Cause Of All Mankind (El-Ez-De 122580) S4/R4/L3
"wooh yeah!" a monster vocal performance, with tasty lyrics "my love life is empty, but my pocketbook is full" and a scream to die for. Flip it over and a classic jangler shimmers forth, the perfect antidote for Helen Reddy. What a great 2-sider, and nothing whatsoever to do with El-Ez-De. We think it's likely to exist in a less than 10 quantity, hopefully more opinion will hit this desk in the near future. Hear "Gone And Left Me" on BFTG7 LP, and the flip on Teenage Shutdown TS-6605
190 - Answers - Fool Turn Around / Please Go Away (Blue Boy 21002) S4/R5/L4
for the history of this Californian band we refer you to the liner notes of Teenage Shutdown TS-6605, where the music from both sides of this 45 can also be heard. All that remains for us to tell you is that it's as legendary for its rarity as for its sound, perhaps more so. However we do know of at least 4 copies in nice condition. Because of this, we think 8-10 copies in collections worldwide is as good a guess as anyone could make
191 - Avantes - Baby Go / Beginnings End (Avant 2713) S5/R4/L2
a superb 2-sider. "Baby Go" is a deceptively simple and beautiful pop/beat amalgam which somehow manages to find chord sequences and melodies that no other song ever touched upon. There is magic in this world. The flipside "Beginning's End" is haunting, melodic polished pop, unmistakably belonging to the garage genre, with its rolling toms and chiming clean guitars. A beautiful song that begs to be reissued. Several copies are known, definitely less than 10. We need more information. Hear "Baby Go" on the great Shutdown 66 LP compilation
192 - Bends - If Its All The Same To You / The Four Seasons Of Love (Rebel HF-103) S4/R5/L3
the rarest 60's garage 45 from the state of Connecticut, this bonecrushing, ragged thrasher will evoke the Velvet Underground for some, with its waves of sustained, distorted and tinny electric organ. To others this will be blasphemy. The flip is atrocious MOR, credited to a different artist, but sounding very much like the same group with a different lead singer. There are a handful of copies which have surfaced over the last 10 years, mostly in lesser condition, and only one of them is known to be near mint. Hear it on BFTG 7
193 - Mystery Men - I Got A Feeling / Pier X instrumental (Ceva 1020) S3/R5/L2
A real tuffie to find in any shape. 3 copies known : M-, VG/VG+ and a M- cracked nearly in half copy that was traded off to a hungry collector. Topside is a minor key teen jangler which is more moody than folk, and which is neatly enhanced by a well-placed "Move it baby!" after the break. Hear it on Teenage Shutdown TS-6602, while the ultra-demented flipside can be enjoyed on the cool and under-rated Crypt label comp "Ho-Dad Hootenanny"
194 - Drones - Im Down Today / Why Must The World (Mod K-49) S4/R4/L3
this 45 is by The Drones from Valley Centre, California and is not the same band as The Drones from Montgomery, Alabama who released two 45's on the Drone label. How do we know these esoteric details? C'mon, you know who told us. Simple, lyrically depressing and moody, it's nonetheless uplifting unlike that champion of downer garage, the Specters "Depression". We know of 3 mint copies, and therefore guess the total population could be less than 10. Hear it on Teenage Shutdown TS-6606. The flip is a ballad and a little dreary.
195 - Thee Sixpence - In The Building / Hey Joe (All-American 333) S4/R4/L4
the rarest and best of 6 45s released in the mid-sixties by this Los Angeles band who later changed their name to The Strawberry Alarm Clock, and hit the bigtime with "Incense And Peppermints". It's fuzz-drenched, raw and primitive, avoiding the dreaded heavy psych tag which permeates much of their later work. There are a few copies around (8 that we know of or suspect), and we think maybe a dozen would be a safe be for an estimated worldwide population. Hear it on the Psychedelic Disaster Whirl LP, or the more recent Akarma compilation featuring all the band's 45s. Flip is a decent version.
196 - Secrets - Somethin Good For Me / Love (Raven 3001) S3/R5/L1
a moody, atmospheric ballad with simple chords and raw production, yet stands out from the pack and sticks in the brain. This is another ultra-rare disc, we know of only 3 copies, and we estimate 5 or less in collections worldwide. Unknown even to many hardcore collectors, it hasn't been compiled and is rarely seen. The primitive flip seems to have accordion backing and veers toward doowop territory.
197 - Shames - My World Is Upside Down / Special Ones (RFT-1001) S5/R4/L4
To appreciate a record like this - you have to picture the band in action, mentally project that image while you listen. Then perhaps you can see what an uncompromising, powerhouse record we're dealing with here. Not plastic music for your ears alone, this here wild 60s garage punk requires your full attention. Beneath the melodic clang and chaos is a band who sing and play with abandon, determination and passion. On both sides of the record. Tim Warren regrets : "Argh - i'd sold my no-band name copy first edition in 1998 - they had forgotten to include the band name on the label, so it's an ORANGE label with magic marker-written band name. Probably rarer than the yellow-label repressing." We estimate 12-15 existing copies, covering both orange and yellow label editions. Hear both sides on BFTG6.
198 - Shade - All Is Gone / Big Boy Pete (Twilight 2101) S4/R5/L3
Details Not Found
199 - Ascots - So Good / Who Will It Be (Frat 10790) S5/R4/L4
atonal, chaotic, unconventional, raw and loose. Make that a double, because it's hard to choose which side of this ace percussive pounder is the greater work of art. For some time a major G100 rarity, until recently when exactly 10 mint copies were released by an ex-bandmember. The 10 copies are currently available for $1000 each from a well known reputable dealer. We also know from direct contact that the bandmember had a total of 14 copies and the 4 remaining copies will not be sold. Hear "So Good" on BFTG6 LP, and the flip on Teenage Shutdown Vol. 8 or the recently released Quagmire Vol. 1.
200 - Es Shades - Anyday, Anywhere / Without My Love (United Audio 5982) S5/R4/L2
the 45 by this Lodi, Ohio band is probably the greatest psych-tinged garage 2-sider of all, duking it out with the Human Expression for the grand prize. It's hard to say which side is best (the b-side - ed.), because both are killer driving moody garage/psych tracks, with searing fuzz guitar inflicted by one Ms Cat Rood (yes, a teenage girl). Let Cat Rood tell the story of her career, visit her website which includes a photograph of the Es Shades Now let us tell you a story...if the 25-plus mint copies of this 45 which have supposedly been found recently and hoarded ever hit the collectors' market, this 45 will lose it's current high dollar value and plummet down this list. At present we estimate around a dozen copies may exist in collections. We know of 6, plus one which was destroyed by a collector/dealer from Ohio who became enraged when he realised he had sold the record too cheaply on eBay. He snapped the incredible ultra-rare 45 in two and sent us the pieces just to prove his point - see scan. So much for Ohio's musical heritage. Both sides uncompiled. Hear both sides on Teen Blast USA Vol. 2