THE G300

201 - Centurys - Don't Bother / Together To Stay (Renco R-116) S5/R4/L4
pressed on paper-thin vinyl, it's no wonder this 45 appears to be almost extinct. Most copies probably ended up in pieces after a couple of parties or just normal wear and tear. The a-side is a fantastic tuff beat/pop song, perhaps lacking only a break or a scream. The flip is moody, but builds via a monster scream into a rousing anthem, and then a reverberant break, and back to the moody verse. The band released 4 killer 45s, two of them on Renco, one on Swan and another on BB. All are essential, but the Renco releases especially this one, are ultra-rare. We estimate less than 10 copies of "Don't Bother" exist. Hear both tracks on The Renco Demos EP
202 - Sands Of Time - Red Light / I Want To Thank You Girl (Sterling 1082) S3/R5/L2
a semi-psychedelic rant against the evils of traffic congestion "red lights wherever I go, they give me a pain, they drive me insane". Though obviously tackling a populist theme, the 45 must've tanked because there are no copies to be found. Only 2 or 3 copies have surfaced over the years. Not to be confused with The Sands Of Time on Stearly which is a different crew. The band had an earlier release which is even more ultra-rare at one known copy - however it's owner says it's unlistable on the G45 because it's not very good and features a kazoo break on the "good" side. "Red Light" though, is a catchy beat/pop garage mover, with touches of "mysterious" organ. Hear it on Pebbles Vol.16. The flip is a chart turkey with no place to roost.
203 - Noblemen - Short Time / Jeanie (Orlyn 66421) S5/R5/L4
In their mission to take the Kinks to the next level, the Noblemen correctly sussed that the missing ingredients were wall-of-fuzz guitar, LOUD screams and a few extra chords and key changes. They managed to deliver the goods with their new formula, and further guaranteed their legend by releasing the 45 on the ultra-obscure, but now revered Orlyn label of Chicago, Illinois. There are two pressings, one has slightly muffled sound (deadwax T5KM-6316/7). The other is clear, brilliant and brutal (deadwax TK4M-6249/50). Containing the hands down most shockingly intense scream in all of recorded music, the second pressing is rightfully regarded as a classic, and one of the top 3 releases on the Orlyn label (with Half Pint & The Fifths "Orphan Boy" and Outspoken Blues "Not Right Now"). Both pressings are ultra-rare, but considering a small (3 copies?) quantity was recently found of the first press, and the sonic superiority of the second press, we don't need to tell you which one you need2own, do we? Hear it on BFG-7. Soporific ballad flip unsuccessfully attempts to atone for the heathen topside. BTTG contender.
204 - Castaways - Ain't Gonna Cheat On Me / You Were Tellin Lies (Tornado 2003) S4/R5/L3
This is one elusive disc, and we've never seen a copy. However, we do know the whereabouts of two, and suspect that there would have to be at least 5 out there. Both songs are driving, catchy beat/pop with strong melodies, cool harmony vocals and screams, and in the case of "Ain't Gonna Cheat On Me", a neat song structure. The flip is a two chord wonder, but nonetheless fab. The group were happily possessed of a five star drummer with a preference for machine-gun snare attack and a complete disregard for the integrity of his ride cymbal. Hear both sides on Sixties Rebellion Vol. 9 LP or CD
205 - Moss & The Rocks - There She Goes / Please Come Back (Ikon 181) S3/R5/L2
The first release of the first record by the band who went on to record as Public Nuisance in the late 60s. The a-side is a strong ballad, with British influences but sounding all their own. The flip combines sweet harmonies ala the Beach Boys "Surfer Girl" with a chymin' riff perhaps inspired by the Beatles' "Ticket To Ride". It's doubtful that groups such as this ever aspired to be garage band legends. They listened to hits, and we guess wanted a hit for themselves, too. Pity it didn't happen, even with two issues of this 45, first on Ikon in 1965, reissued the following year on the Chattahoochee label out of LA (home of Ty Wagner, Chymes, Bosstweeds and a mysterious 45 called "Never Ask Again" by The End Result about which we would like to know more). Only one copy of the Ikon 45 is known to exist. The reason it isn't in the G100 is the same reason it's not on BFTG. The Chattahoochie 45 is currently available on various dealers' set sale lists. Hear both versions of both songs on the Public Nuisance "gotta Survive" CD, recently issued on Frantic.
206 - Tides In - Trip With Me / Go Away From My Door (Sanfris 18) S3/R5/L3
"Trip with me and you will see a magic world in which you'll be free, the cube is right for its little price, so come on babe, and trip with'll never feel bad, you'll never feel sad..". Obviously these guys had yet to be alerted to the downside of swallowing sugar-coated hallucinogenic drugs, even when obtained at a budget price. Although we doubt the ditty was based on personal experience, the vocals and harmonies do sound just a little closer to catatonic than your average teen punk screamers. As basic as this song is, it's still incredibly catchy, and with its rarity has become legendary and very sought-after. We estimate 6-8 copies in collections. Hear it on the Chosen Few CD or LP Vol. 1. The flipside is a decent and primitive moody thrasher
207 - Barons - Don't Come Back No More / Try A Love With Me (Jafes 985) S4/R4/L2
Strongly percussive rhythm guitar combined with urgent drumming creates timing and feel reminiscent of Rod & The Satalites "She Cares", that no drum machine could ever emulate. The flip "Try A Love With Me" shows how the Buddy Holly sound quickly mutated into teen garage when exposed to the upbeat British Invasion influence. The Jafes label was actually a Fenton custom job, and the Barons could therefore be regarded as part of Michigan's incredible Fenton stable of 60s garage bands. It's earlier (1965) and much rarer than most Fentons, only one completely whipped copy has been offered in recent years. We do know of one near mint copy, and feel confident that 10 copies in collections worldwide would be an overestimate. Hear it on Quagmire 2 CD
208 - Soothsayers - Black Nor Blue / Do You Need Me (Acropolis 6612 p/s) S4/R5/L2
The Soothsayers were gods, and the Acropolis label indeed the temple of the gods. All six tracks released on this label by this band and labelmates The Young Aristocracy are teen folk or pop garage masterpieces of the highest order. This release A-6612 is the rarest of the three 45s, although they are all more or less easy to obtain. However like the Skeptics, also from the Midwest, the picture sleeves are insanely rare (with the exception of the Soothsayers first 45 picture sleeve A-6601 which is insanely common). Only one copy of the "Black Nor Blue" sleeve has ever been found. Today it lives in California. Hear "Black Nor Blue" on Teenage Shutdown TS-6608, and the flip on Monsters Of The Midwest 3 LP
209 - Herd - Things Won't Change / Sun Has Gone (Octopus 257) S4/R5/L2
If this track weren't so damn WILD, it would have been a chart hit. It has all the ingredients in spades, a memorable tune, a simple and direct theme with strong vocals and harmonies, and plenty of dynamics within the arrangement. Add lashings of fuzz guitar, pounding drums and searing lead in all the right places...well, what happened? This 45 tanked so badly, it barely exists on the face of the earth. In fact until this year (2003), there were just 3 copies known. However a further 4 copies were unearthed recently and have now found homes in top collections around the world. A copy was to have been offered on eBay, but it never had a chance, really. Hear it on Michigan Mixture vol. 2 . Flip is a very slow folk/pop ballad, with a nice tune if you can sit through it.
210 - Invasion - Do You Like What You See / The Wind Keeps On Blowing (Dynamic Sound 2009) S4/R5/L3
Another strange case (similar to the two Primates releases on Marko) of two identical looking 45s, one ultra-rare and one relatively common, by the same band on the same label. Only this time the killer track is also the rare one. The Invasion were from Milwaukee, WI and released an uptempo folk/pop ditty "I Want To Thank You" b/w a great novelty fuzz rocker "The Invasion Is Coming", before getting serious with this murderous fuzz & farfisa screamer. Somehow a quantity of the first 45 must have survived, but the second is almost extinct, having been offered for sale only once in the last several years. We estimate 5 or 6 copies to be the extent of its dispersion, worldwide. We've been advised that probably 100 or at the most 200 copies were pressed. Hear it on BFTG 7, LP or CD. The flip is a decent folk/pop jangler with earnest philosophical lyrics.
211 - Myrchents - Indefinite Inhibition / All Around You (Musicol HR 1094) S4/R4/L2
The Mus-I-Col label from Columbus, Ohio issued a handful of top notch 60s garage punk 45s, and most of them are extremely rare. This ranks #2 in the Mus-I-Col heirarchy, after the Creations on subsidiary label Hull, and narrowly beating out the Edicates 2 sider. Like the Barracudas on Zundak, this sounds ridiculously sped up in the mastering, but those who have heard the mastertape say that's the way it is. Of course it's also possible to create a sped up mastertape during the final mix. Restrained until the break, it's lifted high by an orgy of wild string-bending. And by the crude twang of the punkish teen lead vocalist. Often seen on collector's wantlists, we estimate 6-10 copies may exist in collections. Hear it on the Scum Of The Earth CD. Flipside is a low key folk jangler with nice melody and harmony vocals.
212 - Four Speeds - Why Did You Leave Me / Bedrock (Harlyn 101) S3/R4/L4
a Texas garage killer with a power-pop edge, an interesting arrangement and clean biting guitar. It's melodic and the tune is memorable, however it's so hideously rare that few may ever have the pleasure of hearing it. How many copies exist we don't know for sure, but a copy sold recently on eBay for $100. We missed it, and so did you. The tape we have reveals one of the copies to be pretty hacked, with lots of prominent scratches. The music however cuts through cleanly. This may or may not be the Texas group "The Speeds" which included Don Henley later of the Eagles. Mike Markesich says until proven, he reserves judgement. Never compiled, but you can hear it at
213 - Devil's Own - I Just Wanna Make Love / Hey Joe (Exit CO-1907) S4/R5/L3
Details Not Found
214 - Epic Five - I Need Your Lovin' / I've Got That Feeling (Sully 1004) S4/R5/L2
The Epic Five had the Texas swagger, the same quality that Zakary Thaks deliver in the rhythm department. It's not just the drumming, but the way the rhythm instuments and vocals work together to propel the track. If you like driving fuzz guitar and plenty of heavy farfisa, then this one's for you. Easily the rarest Sully release, this one rarely shows up at all, and we estimate less than 5 copies exist in collections, since we only know of 2. It's now been compiled on Let's Dig Em Up #3. The flip is very disappointing.
215 - Skip Ellis - Your Bad Faithey's Theme / Ice Cube Girl (City 100) S4/R5/L1
While this 45 is so rare and obscure that we doubt it influenced anything or anybody, it's certainly a forerunner of 70s punk/thrash and ahead of its time in that respect. Particularly the b-side "Ice Cube Girl" with a fuzz guitar sound best described as a glorious racket. The flip is an ultra-crude but original sounding folk punker, with the emphasis on punk, sounding like a distant mutant relative of "Hey Joe", but taking that chord progression places it was never designed to go. Only 3 copies are known to exist, but we can't say it's widely sought-after. Perhaps now, the legend can take hold...Both sides uncompiled.
216 - Rehabilitation Cruise - I Don't Care What They Say / Mini Skirt (Rondon 21119-20) S4/R5/L3
Details Not Found
217 - Huns - Destination Lonely / Winning Ticket (Rock n' Jazz S-4923 blue label) S5/R5/L4
From Arlington Heights Illinois, the Huns sound bears a striking resemblance to Chicago band the Shadows Of Knight, especially the vocals. Notice this entry concerns the blue label version only. This was the original pressing, and according to our advice was a vanity pressing of just 100 copies, and never issued. It's the same two tracks as appear on the more common (but still rare!) red label pressing, but mixed without the confusing doubling echo effects and b-side airplane sound effects. The blue-label original sounds much drier, tougher and better! However, only 4 copies are known to exist, and 3 of those came from a bandmember in one tiny quantity find a few years ago. The version to be found on compilations we've heard is the red label version, so we're noting an "uncompiled" status for the blue label version.
218 - Tombstones - I Want You / You'll Regret It (Grave 1001) S5/R4/L4
If you haven't heard this track by South Carolina's finest, first take a look at the band photo adorning the cover of Back From The Grave. Now that you have a mental picture of the well-groomed school-kids standing in formation in their best school suits and ties, drop the needle into the groove. What is THIS?!? Primal thrustin' R&B fuzz-laced barnstormin' punkified garage anarchy! The lead guitarist is really pushin' the known limits of the instrument, circa early '67 when this track was waxed. No Hendrix influence here, and none needed either. It's ultra-rare, not impossible but we've seen only 2 copies change hands in the last several years. Our estimate comes in at 8-12 copies in collections. Hear it on BFTG 7. The moody folk ballad flip is a cut above average
219 - Peabody Hermitage - Something So / Fear (Tennalaga 951) S4/R5/L1
One of the three out-n-out killdozers unearthed that sport the Tennalaga label name. The Fuzz is on stun on the topside, literally obliterating the rhythm section entirely. killer stingin' breaks a-plenty! The flip takes the eerie vibe way-up on the spook-o meter, with a cautious choppy temp, punctuated by a whammy-bar sting at the end of each verse to create that sinister effect. The combo has never been found, but the record bein' discovered well past the 1968 date is what's important, dig? "Fear" the flip is aces too and can be heard on the Psychedelic Experience CD! Hear "Something So" on Teenage Shutdown TS-6613.
220 - Gentrys - Wild / Moments (Kado DV-0074) S3/R5/L2
Ultra-revved rock n' roll utilizing the triple attack of searing lead guitar, raunchy sax and machine-gun snare to provide a suitable backdrop for the crazed hollerin' beloved of Burlingame, California's Gentrys. There's nothin' to the song of course, being a strict 12-bar progression, but the delivery and the energy level is awesome enough to compensate. It's speculated that 5 or less copies have ever been found, and we know where 3 of those currently reside. Hear it on BFTG 7, or the Norton 7" re-issue. The godawful flip proves that there were "Moments" when the Gentrys were not quite so "Wild".
221 - Euphoria's Id - Deception's Ice / Hey Joe (Eadit 201,365-6) S5/R4/L4
Deception's Ice was much too thin, it's broken and you've fallen in...a sophisticated song delivered with deadly precision and power. Take one guitar, organ, bass and drums, superior songwriting and a great arrangement, set up in a simple studio and hit the record button. You'd be lucky to achieve a result in the league of this monster, but at least it'd be an honest shot. For further proof of the awesome talent of this band, check the flip, a standout in a pack of heavyweight Hey Joe contenders. The same band who earlier recorded the ultra-rare "I Just Don't Understand You Baby" on Cinema. Although extremely rare, copies of the Eadit 45 do show up occasionally, and we've noted 5 change hands in the last few years. And estimate 15-20 copies may exist in collections. Hear both sides and read the full story of The Id on the recently released comprehensive CD compilation of the band's material on
222 - Visions - Route 66 / Take Her (Vimco 20) S3/R5/L3
Besides utilizing a distorted 12-string guitar riff reminiscent of "Hey Joe" to update the feel of the Bobby Troup classic, the Visions from Mineral Wells Texas also added a boss piano boogie lick to the mix. A coupla screams round it out and it's ready to take its place alongside "She's The Girl For Me" and "Humpty Dumpty" as a triple knockout punch for the band, all released in the space of 6 months, late 65 to early 66. Like the other two, it has never been found in any quantity and remains as ultra-rare as it is great. We haven't seen a copy yet, but know of 3 which do exist. Probably more lurk, but certainly under 10 worldwide. Hear it on Texas Flashbacks Vol. 6 LP
223 - Mourning Reign - Satisfaction Guaranteed / Our Fate (Link MR-1 p/s) S5/R3/L5
The legend surrounding these hipsters from San Jose, California is that some of the members, including the lead singer, wore Beatle wigs. We don't know if it's true, but it would certainly throw a different light on the group as depicted on the supercool sleeve of their incredible 45 on Link. No matter, the sounds are long-haired and authentic, and very original. Certainly very hard to find and highly sought-after, the 45 is however not in the ultra-rare category, and is offered from time to time, sometimes without the picture sleeve. Back in the early 80s a box of 25 copies with sleeves was found, and were sold off for $50 apiece! We estimate 30 or more copies may exist in collections, more than half of them with the picture sleeve. Hear both sides on the Sundazed picture sleeve EP
224 - Changing Tides - Don't Say Goodbye / I'm Crying (Surf EC-4661) S3/R5/L1
This Surf label appeared out of Valley Stream, New York and judging by the sound of this group, the year may well have been 1965. A very clean lead guitar chime floats above a reverberating swirl of sound, and the recording has a great atmospheric live feel. The flip is thee best version of "I'm Crying", even beating the Rising Tides ultracool acetate-only version. Both sides of the Surf 45 are uncompiled, for now. To the best of our knowledge, only one copy has ever been found.
225 - Spiders - Why Don't You Love Me / Hitch Hike (Mascot 112) S2/R5/L5
One of the rarest records in all of 45 collecting, not just the garage loop. Far rarer and more expensive than the musically superior second Spiders release on Santa Cruz, the Mascot 45 is very difficult to obtain. We've never seen a copy, and don't expect to anytime soon, since we only know of one copy among the collections we've perused. Perhaps some Alice Cooper fans have copies tucked away, which is the reason for our prudent estimate of 10 or less, worldwide. While it's no big deal among garage collectors, we wouldn't say no if a copy ever did show up! Hear both sides of the 45 on the Sundazed picture sleeve Spiders EP
226 - Christopher & The Souls - Diamonds, Rats and Gum / Broken Hearted Lady (Pharaoh P-151) S4/R4/L3
McAllen, Texas-based Pharaoh Records spewed forth a small handful of degenerate-sounding 45s by local teen combos in the mid-sixties. The Headstones, Cavaliers, Playboys Of Edinburgh and Christopher (Chris Voss) and the Souls produced 45s which have made this Texas label a legend comparable with Alamo Audio and Mark VII. This track from 1966 is bizarre and fantastic with lines like "I'll give you rats and five pieces of gum and then you'll know I'm not a bum", whimpered over a grinding slurry of fiercely demented fuzz guitar, bass and drums. One of the rarest on a rare label, second only to the mega-rare "24 Hours Everyday" by the Headstones, we estimate no more than 10 copies in collections. Hear it on Texas Punk Vol 5 LP. The sweet ballad flipside has some redeeming qualities.
227 - Steps Beyond - Go On Your Way Girl / Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying (Mark VII 1021) S3/R5/L1
Falling into the teen-garage category, meaning it's not really primitive, moody or folk. And not quite polished enough to classify as pop. However, the twin jangle of 12 string and clean guitars, powerful drumming, strong organ chords and vocal harmonies make it a winner. Add to this a double-speed rave-up to finish and hooks that prove to be pretty catchy after a couple of spins. Its extremely rare and probably exists in a microquantity of less than 10 copies. Pretty elusive it's managed to remain uncompiled for over 30 years. Somebody catch it quick!
228 - Dominions - I Need Her / Spanish Harlem (Graves GRS-1091) S5/R4/L2
from Eugene, Oregon this band was led by singer and organist Round Randy who was also a member of The Moguls (the b-side of their monster "Another Day" 45 on Tork was named after him). The supreme master of the constipated vocal, Randy's singing is unique, dynamic and really cuts through the mix. The other unexpected twist is the sax solo, which either makes or breaks the track, depending on your viewpoint. It certainly can't be ignored and after the initial shock we like it a lot. Like most Graves 45s (named after label and studio owner and Alan C. Graves), it's ultra-rare. We estimate around 10 copies survive, which is 8 more than the Fifth Row Bac on the same label. Hear it on Highs In The Mid Sixties Vol 16. The flip is a. MOR instrumental with sax melody, and BTTG contender
229 - Drusalee & The Dead - Lily / Exodus (Vardan 303) S4/R5/L3
Details Not Found
230 - Trolls - That's The Way My Love Is / Into My Arms (Ruff 45-1010) S4/R5/L2
The mid-sixties saw killer releases on 45 by 3 different Trolls from San Jose, Colorado and Illinois. This is the Colorado Trolls. This is the rarest and we have to say the best Trolls, although the other two Trolls put up a helluva fight. But fuzz guitar set to a syncopated beat is something rare and unusual, especially when the band is raw, powerful, melodic and rocks. A mega-rarity, we know of 2 mint copies and 3 others in lesser condition. Our estimate is for 10 or less in collections. Hear it on Monsters Of The Midwest Vol.3 or Texas Flashbacks Vol. 1
231 - Shadows Four - Heart Of Wood / Follow Me (Fleetwood 4553) S4/R4/L3
Among a handful of killers (Bondsmen, Levis, Little John & The Sherwoods, What Fours) on the Fleetwood label of MA, this one stands out as probably the strongest 2-sider. It's equal parts surf influenced, specifically sweet Beach Boys inspired melody, and merseybeat. The homegrown surf sound predominates, with a typical surfin combo drum style and the guitarist using the whammy bar to good effect. Like The Beach Boys, they wrote great songs with coherent themes "Why do you make me blue, what have I done to you? I can't believe this is you. When you're feelin good, I'll do the same to you, and break your Heart Of Wood". Like most Fleetwoods, it's verging on ultra-rare, and is rarely offered for sale. Sez Tim Warren : "swapped my Dovers '3rd eye' for this way back. still wondering which i'd rather have..." Well Tim, you'll probably find a Third Eye floatin' around, but hang onto your Heart Of Wood, you may never see another. Hear both sides on the New England Teen Scene CD
232 - Seeds Of Time - She's Been Travelin' 'Round The World / Gina (Morgan HV-9060) S4/R5/L2
Details Not Found
233 - Twilighters - Nothing Can Bring Me Down / I Need You (Mark VII 1023) S4/R5/L2
Here's the crossover point, pinned precisely to mid-1968. The band uses fuzz guitar and splendid farfisa, both played with savage intensity as they were in '66. The drummer pounds mercilessly at the kit, blissfully unaware of the soon-to-be obvious fact that it's missing several rack toms and a gong. However, the guitarist HAS heard Jimi Hendrix and was very, very impressed. And the singer HAS heard Cream and Vanilla Fudge, and has changed his vocal inflections to a deeper, more mature soulful tener. This is what happened in 1968, when being a teen suddenly lost its rosy glow. Vietnam the cause? We think so, among other factors. Still a monster garage nugget, and one of the best and rarest on Mark VII out of Waco, itself one of the top Texas garage labels of the mid-sixties. Hear it on Texas Flashback Vol. 2 LP or CD. The flip is (as usual) the total opposite - a slow, dreary bluesy love ballad.
234 - Mott's Men - She Is So Mean / Comin' Or Goin' (Loren 1005) S4/R5/L3
Details Not Found
235 - Trackers - You Are My World / Why Do I Cry (Landa Sounds LS-101) S4/R4/L3
The Gents on Duane is a mystery group, and it's been claimed that they came from Bermuda, not Florida. Although the disc is not triangular in shape, we reluctantly accept the assertion. With two clean guitars going flat-out for the entire performance, the energy level on this track is beyond awesome. Whipped along by surging waves of frenzied drumming, and urgent vocals with backup, the track never loses momentum, and seems complete despite the lack of a break. Another track delivering a convincing image of a band set loose, live and seemingly not intimidated by the studio surroundings. Tim Warren sez at least 5 copies surfaced in 1984, which were sold over the years at bargain prices. We think the supply has run out, and this is now rare and extremely sought-after. Maybe 15-20 copies "out there", several mint. Hear it on Teenage Shutdown TS-6604 LP or CD. The dreamy ballad flip builds to a strong middle eight reminiscent of The Animals at their finest.
236 - Circus - Bad Seed / Burn Witch Burn (Offe 101) S4/R5/L3
"I was born in a taxi, in a thunderstorm, yes I was..." Not a good start, no wonder they call him the Bad Seed, wild as a weed. Electric organ and rhythm guitar work tightly together against the busy syncopated drumming and wailing harmonica to create a disturbed, frantic backdrop for the deranged threats of the criminally insane vocalist. "you better watch youself if I ever get free, 'cause you're the first one I'm gonna do in...". The flip "Burn Witch Burn" is equally off the wall "I grabbed the old hag and threw her on the ground, made sure that she was gagged and bound...". The whereabouts of this band is a total mystery, while the record was pressed in Houston there is no proof that the band were even from Texas (although in all likelihood they were). One copy only offered for sale in recent years, it's an ultra-rarity with less than 10 copies estimated to exist in collections. Hear "Bad Seed" on it on Flashback Vol. 3, and the flip on the Texas Punk From The Sixties LP
237 - Esquires - Come On, Come On / Loneliness Is Mine (Glenvalley 103/Texan 103) S4/R4/L4
For a complete explantion of the various releases by this band see our entry for "Judgement Day" above. The picture sleeve for this release shows the band as pretty boys dressed to kill, somehow reminiscent of photos we've seen of Ohio 60s garage band the Choir. No offense to The Choir who were responsible for some monster garage pop releases, but their sound was at least to some degree reflected in their popster image. Not so the Esquires, who thrash their instruments to the brink of destruction on this release, all the while displaying superb musicianship and delivering the goods with energy and style. "Come On, Come On" was released 3 times by the Esquires, the same high energy original cut twice on Texan and Glenvalley, and a later toned-down version again on Glenvalley. Only the original version counts here, and we estimate perhaps 10 copies of each of the Texan and Glenvalley releases exist in collections. Hear it on Flashbacks Vol. 1 or Teenage Shutdown Vol. 1. The moody ballad flip is a worthwhile example of the genre.
238 - Threshold Of Sound - She's Mine / Nobody But Us (Nettie 101) S2/R5/L2
Every genre has its novelties, and this young teenage band from New Orleans were in the right place at the right time to grab a slice of history for themselves, releasing this parody of the "she's so fine" Beatlish tunes of the era. This time it turns out "that little girl's so ugly she's gotta sneak up on the glass...". Uuurrghhh! A fun tune, not a monster but a prime example of the put-down genre, and insanely rare. We don't even know how rare, having only ever heard of one copy, but we assume around 3-5 copies in collections may be a fair max guess. Hear it on Louisiana Punk From The Sixties, LP or CD. Flip is a dreary instrumental, sounding like the music a theatre might use during intermission.
239 - Id - Rotten Apple / Listen To Me (Jolly Roger 101 p/s) S3/R5/L3
A clean teen combo sound with restrained dynamics which break out in the second half. The band was from California and released two pressings of this 45, the original with a dark blue label, and the repressing with a light blue label, with additional white label promos existing. One of the pressings had a cool picture sleeve featuring a mournful looking band in a graveyard with instruments in hand, huddled around a tombstone. This is the sleeve which earns the Id an R5 rarity rating and the high position on the G45, since only one copy has ever been uncovered. The existence of this copy is now in doubt, since its owner "can't find it" (along with multiple other monster rarities). However, a photocopied version exists, despite the current owner having vigorously attempted to disallow it. Very nearly scoring an extra star, however lacking a break made up for by an interesting middle-8. Hear it on Diggin' For Gold Vol. 7. Yet another moody folk/pop ballad resides on the flip.
240 - Vandals - Your Love Will Die / Mary (D 381) S3/R5/L1
At least 5 different US garage bands released 45's in the '60s under this name. This bunch were from Atlanta GA, and released this melodic but rocket-fuelled primitive powerpop nugget on the "D" label, presumably in the pre-psychedelic garage era. The drumming is busy (yeah!) and the sound is wide open and live. And talk about obscure...only 2 or 3 copies have surfaced so far. Being such an unknown, it's possible that more will be unearthed as the 45 gains notoriety. Which it will do once you have a chance to hear it. Uncompiled
241 - Dagenites - I Don't Want To Try It Again / Now That Summer's Gone (Pixie MCR-204) S5/R4/L4
The Pixie label was based in Dayton Ohio, and produced at least 3 great records by garage bands (Bittervetch and Dave & The Stone Hearts being two others we have heard). The Dagenites from Oxon Hill, MD were the leaders of the pack, and here's live-in-the studio proof of the band's power. Not only were the band ace musicians to a man, but the song is a killer, and the lyrics are fab. "I Don't Want To Try It Again" whether intended or not, is a double-entendre which could allude to either sex or drugs (the former in this case). In any case, the experience must have been pretty devastating, to inspire such a furious outburst of negativity. We've had no advice regarding the rarity of this one, leaving us with nothing but the following formula : took years to find + was expensive + only know of 3 others + never on eBay + on BFTG8 + tiny label - not a custom label = 10-15 copies. That's if you believe our formula. Tim Warren writes : "Alec Palao found a copy of a DIFFERENT version of "I Don't Wanna Try..." on the HEIGH-HO label!!!...i've asked the band twice now and they don't remember it..." The Heigh-ho version has restrained vocals and Everly Brothers style harmonies, unfortunately. But it has a WILD and extended lead break. And you can clearly hear "Play It J.B." before the solo. (John Bardi as listed in Fuzz Acid & Flowers) . The flip is a sweet ballad that, while stretching the definition of garage, is an original and worthwhile inclusion. Likely to remain forever uncompiled.
242 - Last Knight - Shadow Of Fear / Come On Up (Orlyn 3520) S4/R4/L4
"you can't look at girls, you can't drink any beer, you gotta get your kicks in the shadow of fear". From the first tantalizing lash of fuzz guitar, you're on notice that this is a special track. An almost perfect combination of the classic elements of choice grade US 60s garage, the track combines a catchy organ/clean guitar driven riff with a tension-inducing chorus, leading to a wild fuzz break and a quick flash of pounding toms. Crude but tuneful vocals and simple backups round out the combo, ensuring that this disc takes its place as one of the top 5 Orlyns, itself one of the top garage labels from the mid-sixties USA. Like most Orlyns, no quantity find and the disc is estimated to exist in a quantity of less than a dozen copies. Hear it on Pebbles Vol. 6 CD. The flip is one of at least 8 versions of the Young Rscals "Come On Up" to be found on the flipside of various garage 45s.
243 - Bondsmen - I've Tried And Tried / You Must Believe Me (Orlyn 8843) S4/R5/L3
Very understated, very original. A beautiful moody garage punker indeed with it's legend assured by virtue of it's appearance on the super-collectable Orlyn label out of Illinois. This has clean guitar lines, graceful swooping bass runs and tuneful harmonies. As well as the essential "moody" ingredient of mysterious organ chords mixed way back. If the group wasn't called the Bondsmen, we'd swear those were female backing vocals. Obviously not, just a very young teenage band. With awesome talent. Hear it on the (sorry whoever put this out) disastrously poor sound quality compilation "Let 'Em Have It" Vol. 1. Rest assured the original pressing sounds a lot better than what you will hear on this comp. Like most Orlyns, ultra rare and probably limited to less than a dozen copies in collections. A nice copy appeared recently on eBay and went for a very reasonable price. The flip is a decent reading of the Curtis Mayfield classic.
244 - Things - My Love / Take It From Me (DJ-102) S4/R5/L3
Textbook example of the clean sound created by combos with surfin' roots adopting the percussive, melodic style of the early Britsh Invasion advance guard. Angular chords and choppy rhythms create tension, heightened by the unexpected rimshot bursts. With more enthusiasm than polish, these Things from El Paso Texas produced just one outstanding 45 and are not the same group who cut the killer "In Your Soul" to be found on the first Acid Visions box. We regard the DJ-102 release as verging on ultra-rare, and have not seen a copy offered in the last several years. One source advises that copies were available in an earlier era, but we have no way of confirming this. Hear it on Quagmire Vol. 2. The flip is a primitive folky re-design of "Hey Joe". Not bad at all.
245 - Gents - If You Don't Come Back / I'll Cry (Duane 1048) S5/R4/L3
Details Not Found
246 - Larry & The Blue Notes - In And Out / I'll Be True To You (Charay C-44) S5/R3/L5
One of the best-known killer 60s garage punkers, and beloved of many who approach the genre from the perspective of 70s punk, 80s garage or 90s grunge. It has something for everybody, namely energy to spare. Clearly adopting the rave-up style of the Yardbirds, the Blue Notes from Fort Worth Texas add super-revved fuzz and magnificent snotty punk vocals. And forget coy references to 69, this track delivers the full monty, in and out! A raving monster from start to finish, it's the band's finest moment, perhaps their rarest and certainly most sought-after release. Which really is quite strange considering it was released 5 different times, over a period of about a year in 1966/7. And each time with a different (uniformly appalling) flip. Collect them all! Or hear it on Teenage Shutdown TS-6610 LP or CD, Texas Flashback Vol. 5 LP
247 - Gentlemen - It's A Cry'n Shame / You Can't Be True (Vandan 8303) S5/R4/L5
Waaaugghh! One of the 10 tracks to play to anyone you need to convert to 60s garageism. That means anyone you meet in the street. Play them this a coupla times and they're either converted or brain dead. Absolute perfection in every respect, including barnstorming drumming, scorching fuzz guitar complete with ripping break, bass altenately swooping and thumping. Add to this the distinctive vocals which combine the best pop sensibilities with the classic Texas punk sneer, and simple yet effective backing vocals. Everything's just perfect. But wait...what's that all-pervasive muffled quality that seems to be inhibiting the power of the track? Though not fatally impaired, the pressing has a soft grungy quality that has been noticed by many who own the Vandan pressing, or one of the many compilations featuring this track. It was not until a single copy of the original Crimson label pressing was unearthed recently that it became clear that the Vandan release does indeed suffer from a faulty pressing. The incredible Crimson pressing remains uncompiled for now. Meanwhile, hear the Vandan pressing on Pebbles Vol. 5. Up to 20 copies may exist of the Vandan. The moody ballad flip with the pretty melody is fine for those who enjoy a syrupy string ensemble cruisin' nonchalently alongside their Farfisa and electric 12 string Rickenbacker.
248 - Chaz & The Classics - Girl Of The 13 Hour / Stardust And You (Picture 6999) S4/R4/L3
Very interesting to note how many bands from Texas in 1966/7 appropriated the Elevators' trademark electric jug embellishment. Interesting and hilarious, because obviously some of the bands had a helluva time trying to work out how the jug sound effect was produced. Chaz apparently decided that a mutated kazoo sound should suffice, but only succeeded in creating a ludicrous vocal effect reminiscent of a whimpering poodle. And mixed really loud, to maximise the impact. Having said all that, this is a killer track, very trippy, out of this world and pretty spooky with a great tune. The naive jug imitation is just that, naivete which is often charming in retrospect. The track was obviously intended to be entitled "Girl Of The 13th Hour", but the label scan shows the missing "th". Hear it on Highs In The Mid Sixties Vol. 11 LP. And hear the ridiculous lounge music "inspired" flip on Back TO The Grave Vol. 1 (collectors' in-joke)
249 - Lords - One Of These Days / Summertime (Zero 101) S4/R4/L1
From Los Angeles 1966, a teen jangler with powerful vocals and a strong tune, suggesting a Love influence but not derivative of that band. Propelled by bristling tambourine, handclaps and clean folk stlye guitar chimes, the sparse production really allows the lead and backup vocals to shine. Neat breaks from electric piano and guitar add the touches needed to confirm this track as one of the best folk punkers of all. Extremely rare, however not unobtainable (unlike the Lords on Vance, a different band which we haven't heard yet because only one copy is known. Stay tuned). We estimate 8-12 copies for the Lords on Zero. MassB8 (what kind of a dirty name is that anyway?) says it's been re-released on a Norton 45, but who'd believe anyone with a name like "MassB8"?!?
250 - Playboys Of Edinburgh - I Wish You Had A Heart / Understand Me (Pharaoh 141) S3/R5/L2
An example of the influence of the British Invasion bands, specifically The Beatles, on the home grown talent of small town Texas, 1965. Mike Markesich reveals that the band took its name not from Edingurgh, England (a common deception practised by US bands of the era who wished to adopt a British monicker to update their image) but from their hometown of Edinburg, Texas (population 48,000). This their first release sees the vocalist in full John Lennon emulation mode, to great effect. It's a superior pop song with strong vocals and harmonies, sophisticated chords evident and confident janglin' licks reinforcing the obvious Beatle influence. McAllen's Pharaoh label was also home to the Headstones and Christopher & The Souls, among others. One of the rarest and best on the label, we can only guess that around a dozen may exist. We know some top Tx collectors haven't been able to find a copy. Hear it on Texas Flashback Vol. 1. The flipside is a polished folk/pop ballad with harmony vocals.
251 - What Fours - Basement Walls / Eight Shades Of Brown (Fleetwood 4571) S5/R4/L3
Very sophisticated, powerful pop with plenty of tempo changes and interesting diversions. Beneath the polish you'll hear a band with serious musical ability playing with manic intensity. Until last year this was probably the rarest and most sought-after Fleetwood, very tuff with only 5 or 6 known copies at the time. However a small quantity was found, and sold off for megabucks into private collections around the globe. Whether the supply has now dried up is anybody's guess, but the effect of the find has been to approximately halve the previous value of the disc. Until confirmed, we estimate there are now probably around 15 copies in collections. Hear both sides on the New England Teen Scene CD.
252 - Red Beard & The Pirates - Go On Leave / Don't Be A Loser (Gaye 3043) S4/R4/L4
From Atlanta, Georgia this is one of two supreme monsters released on the Gaye label (the other is the Mondels). Red Beard & his Pirate pals sound mighty ornery as they stomp and pound their way through this smokin' fuzz-encrusted declaration of independence. It's a record very much in demand, although sufficient copies seem to be available to keep it just shy of the mega-buck category. Leading us to guess at a quantity of 20 copies worldwide. The final word is left to Red Beard, and it sounds something like "yecchh". Hear it on BFTG 4 LP. The flip's not exactly a "mover" but it's not really a ballad either, sounding like several R&B classics woven into one seamless "masterpiece"
253 - Hangmen Of Fairfield County - I Don't Want You Around / Stacey (High Castle HC-401) S4/R4/L4
Heres' a super-cool ode to a "habit-forming" gal called Stacey, name-checking all the mid-60s drugs of choice - pot, LSD, dexedrine, even coke with aspirin. Such is the novelty aspect of the the pharmaceutical shopping list, that the song itself has barely been given its due appreciation over the years. A shame, because it's original and well-executed, with plenty of energy and style. The flip is perhaps even better, a kickin' folk punker with a memorable chorus, janglin' rhythm and cool break. A few copies were unearthed and distributed several years back. With those we estimate a 12-20 population for this one. Tim Warren sez : "I got mine from the drummer's mom. One of the H.O.F.C.. is a HIGH-END orthodontist serving the tooth-conscious brats of CT - Wall-to-wall MTV screens in the practice to entertain the braces-dependent young 'uns. in 1985 I got a message from him that he'd found a box of the 7"s and started driving to CT within 5 minutes, arrived 3 hrs later, and, it turns out, the 7"s were a jogging novelty 45 he'd cut in the 70s... argh..." We'd sure like to know how you made the best of the situation, Tim. Like, did you need any dental work done?
254 - Common People - Look Around / Dawn Of My Life (Flodavieur 801) S3/R5/L1
For years a well-kept secret among those who thrive on arcane knowledge, the Common People of Baldwin Park, California issued two 45's in the late 60s. This, their first is
255 - Visions - Humpty Dumpty / You Won't See Me (Vimco Vim-21) S4/R5/L3
A degenerate nursery rhyme set to a driving beat with raw vocals and clanging metallic guitar. Moves along nicely in 2.5 star mode until the break, when the introduction of an insanely loud fuzz guitar and a deranged scream lift the track several notches, a fitting end to a run of 3 brilliant 45s for the Visions on Vimco. The flip is a straight but well-executed cover of the Beatles "You Won't See Me", and all credit to the band for assigning it to the b-side. Like all the Visions 45s, this is ultra rare and has never been found in any quantity. We estimate no more than 10 copies exist in collections today. Hear it on Texas Flashbacks Vol. 3 CD or LP
256 - Barking Spyders - I Want Your Love / Hard World (Audio Precision 4201) S3/R4/L3
i nabbed 3 mints and 1 vg from times square in 1988 - cheap - a pal working there styled me with a computer printout 2 months before the setsale list was mailed out... sweet!
257 - Treez - You Lied To Me Before / Only As Long As You Want It (Harlequin 660725) S5/R3/L4
One of the supreme monsters from Chicago, Illinois. With sufficient volume, this brain-damaging track can stand against any contender you care to name, including heavyweight Texas favourites. Great vocals and harmonies, pounding bass and drums, and that shattering, stuttering clean guitar break! An amazing track which is not widely known due to its current unavailabilty on compilation. With 2 pressings on a "major" regional label, the Treez 45 is a little more widely dispersed than many others in the G300. It's here because of greatness and legend. Hear it on Off The Wall Vol.2 LP, and the excellent Louie Louie influenced flip "Only As Long As You Want It" on Teenage Shutdown TS-6615
258 - Psycho - You Need Me / You Think You've Got Me (Frantic CR-2127/8) S4/R4/L3
Boogaloo! An example of the early influence of soul music on the garage scene, before such attempts became slavish and overbearing. The result is a raving mover which must have been perfect for go-go dancing, soul or garage style. Featuring two wild breaks which are Frantic as claimed, the tune is optimized for action. On the flip "You Think You've Got Me", a pretty slice of polished pop Sagittarius style, sounding somewhat like a Pet Sounds out-take. Psycho had plenty of talent, but the Universal City, CA Frantic label failed to score for them, a fate shared by labelmates The Mystic, Boy Blues and Styx. Fortunately surviving at least in microquantities (unlike The Mystic which almost vanished completely from the face of the earth), we estimate perhaps up to 20 copies may exist in collections. Hear it on the Destination Frantic CD or LP.
259 - Londons - Old Man / FP (BI) S0/R4/L4
High-tension ear-grabber cruisin' on fuzz-powered overload with soaring lead guitar and rasping vocals. The flip sounds like Herman's Hermits!
260 - Shilos - Cause I Love You / Lonely Town (Norfolk 201,268/9) S4/R4/L3
Details Not Found
261 - Bad Roads - Blue Girl / Too Bad (Jin 45-210) S5/R3/L5
Though not as rare as other entries in the G300, this ace 2-sider from Lake Charles, LA deserves its position here based on musical quality and legend. "Blue Girl" is a classic of the genre, like the Gentlemen on Vandan should knock you out on first listen. Then it just gets better with age, because this band of of genuine 60s punks could really play, and play hard. There were two pressings in 1966, first on Jin and then MSL, both released by the band's management. We estimate 30-40 copies may exist in collections, covering both pressings. Andrew Brown's excellent Brown Paper Sack magazine chronicles the history of the band, with amazing interviews and photos. Hear both killer sides on Louisiana Punk from the Sixties CD
262 - Bad Seeds - A Taste Of The Same / I'm A King Bee (J-Beck J-1002) S5/R4/L5
One of the very first Texas punkers to assume legendary status, and for good reason. The sound of this 45 is a kind of holy grail for 60s garage enthusiasts, simultaneously hitting multiple bullseyes with its raw punk credentials, superior songwriting and arrangement, moody edge, and rootsy blues feel. Yet it retains a polish which could have taken it high into the charts, had fate so decreed. Fate sucked, and the 45 tanked outside of their hometown of Corpus Christi, Texas. Leaving no more than a couple of handfuls of the 45 (maybe 30 copies) in collections in Texas and around the world. Hear both killer sides on Green Crystal Ties CD Vol. 1
263 - Twiliters - Everybody's Goin' To Rollerland / Shakin' All Over (EMPIRE E-4) S4/R4/L3
Details Not Found
264 - High Tensions - Poor Man / No Use Hangin' Around (Hitt 6604) S5/R4/L2
Monster 2-sider...dare we say "beyond Music Machine' energy and sophistication? We think so...from Connecticut, surely one of the best ever releases from that state. "Poor Man" has the Bonniwell touch, whether intended or coincidental, it cannot be considered derivative, rather extremely original in its structure. The flip is less evolved, however contains an awesome break and great energy throughout. An extremely rare disc, we only know of 5 copies, but reckon there may be up to twice that many in collections worldwide. Hear "Poor Man" on Hang It Out To Dry CD. The flip remains uncompiled.
265 - Destiny's Children - Fall Of The Queen / Your First Time (Ventural V-730) S4/R4/L4
Details Not Found
266 - Jay Dee & The Chasers - I Do / Gloria (Stereo Sound Services 2204) S4/R4/L3
Details Not Found
267 - Young Aristocracy - Don't Lie / Look And See! (Acropolis 6721 p/s) S3/R5/L1
Like the Soothsayers on the same label, the Young Aristocracy produced perfect pop garage records, with a 100% strike rate. In their case this amounted to a single 45 record release, leaving us "wondering why" they disappeared without leaving behind the killer LP release of which they were obviously capable. We urge you to pick this 45 up cheaply on eBay or elsewhere, it's readily available. However, don't expect it to arrive complete with the picture sleeve, as only one of those has ever been found. And the whereabouts of that one is not known! We're not confirming or denying the existence of the sleeve, as we've never seen it. Hear "Don't Lie" on Teenage Shutdown TS-6609, and the flip on Fuzz Flaykes & Shakes vol. 7
268 - Specters - Depression / 8 2/3 (Melbourne 3230) S4/R4/L3
Details Not Found
269 - Graystokes - Ballad Of Tarzan / My One Desire (Tri-Com 2731) S3/R5/L1
All the info we have on this comes from Tim Warren..."Been trying to find the band for ages... Got a nice warp to mine that ADDS to the "atmosphere"! i figure NOBODY wants to fess up as having been responsible for this deranged gem, but i'm doing some more phone calls til i find em!"
270 - Shondells - It's True / I Cried Last Night (Ikon 168) S3/R5/L1
Quite a nice moody folk garage ditty, with jangling 12-string guitar and gloomy but tuneful harmonies. It's a grower, meaning that you'll likely dismiss it on first hearing, only to be drawn in on subsequent spins, until something clicks and there it is stuck inside your brain. The flip is an above average fratty 12 bar rocker. Both sides are due to be compiled on The Ikon Story, which we've been told is not far away and will include all the garage material released in the mid-sixties by the obscure, yet prolific label from Sacramento, California. Ikon 168 is one of the rarest on the label, and we estimate less than 5 copies exist in collections worldwide.
271 - Kama-del-sutra - She Taught Me Love / Come On Up (Zig-Zag DR-273) S4/R4/L4
Opening with the same Bo Diddley riff as the Falcons "I Gotta See Her" on Strafford, but quickly mutating into a stomping fuzz-powered extravaganza awash with omnipresent waves of organ and boomin' bass. We don't know what the Duluth moms and dads of 1967 would have made of the band's name and the song title, with '69 still a couple of years away. The presence of a hard-workin', long-servin' but now retired collector/dealer in the Duluth area ensured that quite a few of the Zig-Zag 45 were turned up and handed over to hungry collectors over the years. So we're venturing an estimate of 15-20 copies, just to be on the safe side, for a 45 oft-quoted as one of the rarest from the state of Minnesota. Hear it on Teenage Shutdown TS-6603. Flip is a decent version of the Young Rascals R&B classic.
272 - Inner Thoughts - 1000 Miles Cheating On Me / Smokestack Lightning (Paris Tower PT-105) S3/R4/L2
Details Not Found
273 - Jackson Investment Co. - Not This Time / What Can I Do (Paris Tower PT-125) S4/R4/L4
Details Not Found
274 - Lost Generation - I'd Gladly Pay / Milk Cow Blues (Paris Tower PT-109) S4/R4/L3
Details Not Found