DENISE (AND COMPANY) - "Boy, What'll You Do Then"
JUST TOO MUCH - "She Gives Me Time"/ "Come Back"  (M-Gee 002)
BEER - "Some Kind Of Rich Girl"/ "Anymore"  (Sgt. Golden 13169)
SANDS - "Open Your Eyes"/ "Can't Find A Way"  (Capri 522)
EXPRESSIONS - "Return To Innocence"/ "One More Night"  (Tennalaga)
TIMETAKERS - "Don't Turn Away"/ "Love Me Like You Did Before"  (Jowar JW-104)
CREATIONS - "I Want You"/ "Little Black Egg"  (Hull 1067)
JOLLY BEGGARS - "Last Step Of Doom"/ "Don't Walk Out On Me"  (Pamela Rose PR-1)
LOOSE ENDS - "A World Outside"/ "Mister You're A Better Man Than I"  (DB 41667)
EXPLORERS - "Blue Flavored Lollipop"/ "Jennifer Ann"  (San Dees 4507)
CHEVRONS V - "I Lost You Today"/ "Niat Pac Lavram"  (Nook 2010)
MONDELS - "I Got A Feeling"/ "You'll Never Come Back To Stay"  (Gaye 3032)
SKIP ELLIS - "Your Bad (Faithey's Theme)"/ "Ice Cube Girl"  (City 100)
PEABODY HERMITAGE - "Something So"/ "Fear"  (Tennalaga 951)
SPIDERS - "Why Don't You Love Me"/ "Hitch Hike"  (Mascot 112)